Failure of the Education System in the USA & Collusion of Parents

The tragedy of the failure of the education system in the USA cannot and must not be blamed only on the previous administrations, academia or the teachers, because without the silent collusion of the parents allowing such disgusting leftist politically motivated incursions into the schools, universities and academia no government on its own could have gotten away with it.

Only criminally negligent educators would allow Muslims to teach Americans since no Muslim can ever be loyal to either the American Constitution or non Muslim Americans (97% of the USA) because neither is compliant with Allah’s Sharia. 

The most current example was exposed by WND. Although this happened to be Muslim Jew hatred, Americans (and ALL non Muslims) must forever realize that ALL of us Infidels/ Kuffar are their target of HATRED.

“A Jew-hating Muslim preschool teacher (Nancy Salem) in South Arlington, Texas, was fired after she urged her social media followers to “kill some Jews” and tweeted: “How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough…HAHAHAHA.”

This Muslima teacher is not at fault since she is literally (like ISIS) being obedient to the dictates of Muhammad’s Quran, her ‘holy’ scripture. Her hatred of Jews has absolutely nothing to do with Israel or Zionism that Arabs, Muslims and their apologists use as a red herring, but rather her hatred is based entirely upon the Quran that was concocted by Muhammad 1400 years AGO.

As a Muslima and based on Muhammad’s Quran, her hatred encompasses all humans who are not Muslims currently 80% of humanity, not only Jews.

Is there anyone in the USA reading my comments who would like to prove anything I am revealing as either wrong or untrue? Anyone?

Can you imagine what the fake media would have done had it been a Christian or a Jewish teacher saying the same about Muslims? 

I have not heard a pip squeak from the media regarding this despicable Muslim teacher and or other so called ‘professors’ who have greater respect for Islamo Fascism than for American freedoms.

Why is teaching Judeo-Christian values prohibited by leftist academia, but Islamic ones are OK?

Why are not all or most of the parents meeting with the school authorities and giving them the dressing down that they deserve for allowing white washed studies of Islam or blatant incitement against non Muslims?

still, why not act together and start a Class Action against any school, college or university for indoctrinating our children with an alien and anti American belief system?

With Twitter and Facebook, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions can be coordinated to act in unison.

Had American parents acted together against these disloyal and immoral ‘educators’ just as so many had done to elect Trump, America’s educational system would have been infinitely better. So stop whining if you are not willing to be proactive in defense of your most precious future: your children!