On April 20th 2018 students walked out of school to protest against gun violence all across the nation once again, commemorating the Columbine High School shooting that took place on April 20, 1999. And also to advocate for even more gun control measures which could lead to even more Second Amendment infringement of law abiding gun toting citizens of their U.S. Constitutional right to keep and bears arms. 

For some strange reason the shooting at Columbine coincides with Hitler’s birthday, maybe something to it and maybe not. However, review what Fordham Law Review discovered when it came to Hitler and gun control.

The National Walkout was about victims of terrible gun crimes, however, the students are also victims of another sort of crime, a crime of lies, as will be clearly explained, as to why they are the victims of twisted facts.

Following are two charts, the first of which was difficult to find because the tracking for it was cutoff during the Obama years, no doubt when the tracking was discovered by his Administration when taking guns away was part of his and his political appointees agenda—

From 1993 until the tracking was stopped for 2011 Firearm Homicides were actually down, in fact way down, even though the population no doubt rose by millions more people over that same period.

The next chart covers 1998 through January 2018, where NICS FBI Firearm Background Checks rose from 892,840 during 1998 to a whopping 25,235,215 in 2017 with an additional 2,030,530 in January of 2018! There is no doubt that only a fraction of those FBI background checks did not end in a final sale of a firearm—

In summary, “there is no doubt that the growth in the sale of firearms have actually, factually, kept Americans even safer from firearm homicides!” 

If anything is even more prevalent from this hard irrefutable federal government collected data of facts, more gun purchases based on population growth is sorely needed to save even more lives, to help prevent not only firearm homicide rates but protection from common crimes that are committed against law abiding citizens nationwide every single day. However, with the massive brainwashing against even owning a firearm, younger people will no doubt not buy them, which can and will reverse the effect of chart 1, where Firearm Homicides being way down, thereby reversing the trend, increasing Firearm Homicides. Of course, over time an upward trend in firearm deaths will no doubt play right into the Left’s hands for complete firearm confiscation over time one way or the other.

Young people all across America, who have been taught that guns are bad, are being used as ignorant pawns by their much more experienced leftist handlers. The young are in fact unwittingly pushing for more danger to themselves and their fellow citizens all across America. 

I submit the entire gun debate is merely a sham with the ultimate goal of taking all guns away from law abiding citizens because an elite class of “wannabe” tyrants can’t control a population if they are armed. Criminals of course would not turn their guns in making law abiding Americans even more vulnerable to gun violence. 

Time to wake America and see the real reason why the 2nd Amendment is under assault and it is not for your protection, it is ultimately for your imprisonment by a full-fledged dream state headed by tyrants. 

Photo: Bob Owen, Staff / San Antonio Express-News