I remember having a National election less than a year ago. As I recall, one of the huge issues affecting the outcome of the election, was the pending demise of Obamacare, and the Republican platform to repeal and replace it. Millions of people, like me, voted for that promise to come to fruition. The people we elect to serve our country, and what ‘we the people’ want to see happen in our country, have yet again failed all of us, failed as representatives of the people who put them in their positions, and failed us all for reasons that make zero sense. Susan Collins, John McCain, Rand Paul – you are the faces of shame. Shame on you for ignoring the will of the people. Shame on you for making the Republicans a laughing stock to the democrats and allowing the gloating to go on and on, and the media to create byline after byline about how disorganized the party is. Shame on you for allowing this broken and bad healthcare system to remain in place, while millions of people are worse off than ever before with the high cost and the lack of services. Shame on you for causing more and more doctors to leave their practices and seek other means of making their livings, rather than go through the red tape and paperwork nightmare that is now our system, and for watching insurance company after insurance company stop offering plans altogether in a growing number of states.

The failure to support a plan to start us on a road to better healthcare has hurt the people of this country immeasurably, and the blame is yours. Oh, yes, the democrats are equally to blame. But we expect nothing from them. They have lost any sense of morals and ethics and good judgment, and reside in a world of anger and revenge and pettiness, and forgot about the voters and the people and our country long ago. There is no one among them who will vote for the best of bills, because it is no longer about we the people, it is about petty, spiteful, vengeful politics.

You three Rhinos have each come up with your excuse as to why you would not support the bill. It’s not perfect. I can’t see you agreeing on anything as a Senate, so it will never be perfect for everyone. That’s an impossibility. So while you three purport to each stand on some moral high ground that is higher than all of the House and the rest of the Senators who were for the current bill, what you did is put your personal dislike of Trump in the forefront, your personal feelings, and your ideology, was more important than all of us who gave you the mandate to get this done forthwith. I hope every one of you pays the price in the next election, you have certainly made Americans pay the price. You are not the small businessman who has seen costs to provide healthcare to employees triple. You are not the employee who has seen their costs rise and their service drop tremendously, and their deductible go to a place that the vast majority of people never reach in costs, so they pay for the healthcare plan AND pay for all of their medical needs out of their pocket too.

You all decided that you don’t have to be on this healthcare like the rest of us. Shame on you all. How dare you act as though you are above any other American. Your lives are not worth more or less than any one of the people you are paid handsomely to serve. If your families had to live with the “Obamination” created by Obama and the democrats, you would change it tomorrow, Republican or Democrat.

You three took away a start to making it better. I believe you were willing to hurt the country to not allow Trump a “win”. That’s how small you have shown yourselves to be, and you are right in Schumer’s good graces for it. I agree it is not the best bill, but I have stopped hoping for the best from our legislators. If it’s not politically expedient for someone, it doesn’t happen.

Healthcare is not a right. The people who provide healthcare are there to make a living too. They took the time and paid their price to get the education and know how to be able to help people who are hurt or ill. No one should tell them how much they can earn. The system was far, far better before we had intermediaries, like HMO’s, between us and our doctors. The system has been getting worse and worse and more and more costly.

The federal government needs to be out of our healthcare and leave it between patients and doctors, in each state. You three faces of shame slapped all of us in the face, after we supported you and mandated you to fix this, as a team. You have all forgotten that the Senate is a team sport. It’s time to play together or get off the field. You three need to put your egos aside and do what the people of this country asked you to do. The same message is for any democrat who cares about doing the right thing when everyone else is doing the wrong thing. Leave our healthcare to us and our doctors. You should not hurt the many to help a few, work it out for everyone; that is what you were elected to do.