They are being called the 'Mothers of the Movement' – Nine mothers who lost Black children to gun-related incidents involving police officers addressed the Democratic National Convention to endorse Hillary Clinton for President. Controversial, Sure! Exploitation, Yes! Politically Motivated, Positively! Lt. Randy Sutton was so outraged that he went to the camera to produce a video to express his frustration, anger, and humiliation that such a sensitive subject was being used as political propaganda.

Lt. Sutton then posted the story and video on Facebook, which has become a meeting place for the law enforcement community and the public to engage. One man, Terrence Kimbell struck a nerve not only with Lt. Sutton, but with many other Americans – who've all become fed up with this false narrative that the media-heads continue to over-promote for their own personal agenda. With that Lt. Sutton invited Terrence Kimbell on Police Radio to expand on the post and engage in a badly needed dialogue. The interview is most fascinating. You'll come away more informed and proud that good people can discuss the big issues of the day, without using sticks and stones, or name calling for that matter. Watch the initial video below, and the Facebook Post is attached.

Facebook Post: Lt. Randy Sutton (Ret), the National Spokesman for BlueLivesMatter slams Hillary Clinton for her exploitation of the Mothers whose children died during law enforcement confrontations as well as her determination to continue the Obama pathway of dividing our nation against the Law Enforcement Community. He calls for unity between the people and their police. If you agree please share and let the world know how we feel. Randy Sutton

Terrence Kimbell Randy, I agree that ALL lives matter. It is atrocious that even one Police officer has fallen while performing his/her proud duty to protect and serve. I also agree that there will not be perfect policing! But why is it that when police that have been under trained or act out of fear and their actions result in the death of a civilian, or flat out abuse their power, the punishment (or lack thereof) is disproportionately in the favor of the member of Law enforcement? As a Financial Advisor if I give advice that results in financial ruin for one of my clients whether I intended to do harm or was under trained, I am subject to fines and even criminal prosecution. The public is asking for the policing community to be held accountable and take the steps to lessen the ill effects of lack of training and weeding out ANY possible racially motivated actions of police officers. Hillary might have used those parents in an attempt to play to a certain section of the voting populous, but what we can't do is allow these issues to remain quiet and continue to fester. How do we work together to promote change if no one will address the issues?

Randy Sutton Thank you for that point of view Terrence. Police agencies all over the country have been working with communities they serve to address this issue as well as holdng officers accountable. It happens much more than you might imagine but gets lots of ink when there is a controversial shooting. Most of those when fully investigated reveal that those shootings were justified i.e. Michael Brown. When they are not, the officers are dealt with.

Terrence Kimbell Thank you for your reply. I fully understand that we, the public, have NO idea what it is like in the situation presented to the officer(s) involved. From my point of view there seems to be too little transparency and maybe that contributes to the public ignorance of the process of oversight.

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