Through the Eyes of an Iraqi-American, Sam Freeman

If we don’t begin to open our minds and our hearts to be tolerant and acceptable to all people – then America will become just another country. Yet the dangers in this new world order we find ourselves in IS REAL! Host Colonel Jamie Williamson shares his thoughts on the temporary ban on refuges and offers some historical perspectives. Colonel Williamson also offers an opposing point of view through his friend Sam Freeman.

“America is the # 1 destination For dreamers.” Sam Freeman

Through the Eyes of an Iraqi-American, Sam Freeman – is a very personal interview as I worked with Sam Freeman over several years in Iraq. Sam was an Iraqi-American interpreter who gave of himself in service to America.

The U.S. Constitution allows the President great authority in setting immigration policy. There is a great danger when people place their political agenda above U.S. national security. That’s what’s being done now. Mainstream Media is creating a false narrative, aka Fake News, about President Trump’s latest executive order. Not only is it legal, there are numerous historical precedents, and recent ones, by each of the previous presidents as far back as Carter, at least.

Today, I’ll give you both sides of a polarizing debate that has American pitted against American. OPSEC Radio is pleased to bring this open-minded conversation to you…