Living a wild, secular life seemed much better than the constraints of Catholicism until his lack of discipline caught up to him. It’s John-Henry Westen! As a young man he rebelled against the Catholic faith. He made a 180 degree turn toward God. Today, he is father of eight children and editor-in-chief of LifeSiteNews, the preeminent world-wide, pro-life news source. No organization covers the attacks on “life” better than LifeSiteNews. 

Because the Catholic Church has been the bulwark in defending sanctity of life in the womb and other non-negotiable concerns, John-Henry also is exposing the internal attacks against the Catholic Church. In fact, he’s exposing the heresy going on today while boldly and confidently remaining Catholic. You won’t want to miss this intriguing interview whether you are a believer or not!

John-Henry Westen is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of He and his wife Dianne and their eight children live in the Ottawa Valley in Ontario, Canada. He has spoken at conferences and retreats, and appeared on radio and television throughout North America, Europe and Asia. John-Henry serves on the executive of the Canadian National March for Life Committee, and the annual National Pro-Life Youth Conference.

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