EXPOSED: Fraud & Corruption at Psychiatric Hospitals Nationwide!

It sounds like one of those scary horror movies where you’re put in a mental hospital against your will and kept there till they decide to let you go which always happens to be when your insurance money runs out. But this is not a scary movie you go see at the theater – this is real life and Jan Eastgate, President of Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHRint), and CCHR have been investigating Universal Health Services (UHS), for the last 18 months and what they’ve found is truly shocking.

UHS is the largest psychiatric hospital chain in the nation and they have some hefty charges levied against them by not just CCHR but also Buzzfeed News who has done their own investigation this past year and found the same problems that CCHR did. Both organizations interviewed whistleblowers and staff that were current or former employees and according to what both organizations found the staff at UHS were pressured to:

  • “Fill beds” by whatever means necessary.
  • “Exaggerate people’s symptoms” or “twist their words” in order to hold them against their will.
  • Lock the door and keep patients until their insurance payments run out.”                                               

Before the Buzzfeed News report came out, CCHR had already filed over 2860 complaints with state and federal agencies and legislatures, the FBI and other pertinent organizations.

And now, finally Congress seems to be ready to do something about it. Senator Charles Grassley, Rep. Joe Kennedy III, and Senator Elizabeth Warren have all spoken out against what has purportedly happened. Senator Grassley has given Health and Human Services until December 23rd to report what they are doing to investigate these claims of fraud and abuse by UHS hospitals.

Something must be done to put a stop to these atrocities. After all, this is America and we all have rights don’t we?

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