The Liberals may be dumb, but not dumb enough to ever actually allow a Senate impeachment trial. Oh don’t get me wrong, they can call for a trial.  That is the easy part. The House of Representatives has the votes to defeat any Republican objections in the House in order to pass articles of impeachment and refer them to the Senate for a trial.

The U.S. Senate could conduct a trial of any length and in the end, it would be along party lines and maybe even with a few democrats would vote not to impeach and it would be all over. It would be all over as to the legal ramifications, but along the way Democrats would find the process painful, beyond imagination. What people do not realize is that during the trial President Trump’s attorneys will have the right to question through subpoena absolutely anyone they want. 

An impeachment is not a special counsel investigation which is so one-sided⏤it gives the impression that it is assumed the defendant is guilty before being proven innocent. It is truly the upside down of the American legal system.

Who, you might ask, would the President’s team call to the stand? How about James Comey, the former FBI Director; Peter Strzok and Lisa Page who discussed and went on strange text tirades, telling tales about the President; Donna Brazille, a close friend of Hillary Clinton; how about Hillary herself; Obama’s sidekick, the former AG Eric Holder and another former AG, Loretta Lynch.

The list will go on to include all the enemies inside the Deep State who have made life difficult for Donald Trump through their, pardon the pun, trumped up lies. Their lies on the stand will send them to jail instead of the much ballyhooed press conferences among the liberal press (is that redundant).

Dirt that will be dug up, fingers will be pointed and the Democratic Party would be in disarray because for the first time Donald Trump’s team will be able to question their accusers under oath. This will be the classic last man standing, as you can expect them to begin to turn on each other.

Most Americans do not really understand our own political system. We tend to think being impeached means removal from office. It does not, it means a trial is called for in the Senate where the actual chance of conviction is near zero. Many Americans thought President Clinton would be removed from office once his offense was proven, yet, we know how that turned out.

The controlling party in the Senate, the Republicans will determine what testimony will be allowed, and everything will be allowed. How about the DNC collusion with the Clinton campaign to fix the primary in favor of Hillary; the Trump Russian dossier; Hillary’s missing emails; lying to the FISA Court to allow spying and wiretapping at Trump Headquarters; and more, much more in fact. After the Senate fails to convict our President, the backlash will bring an easy victory for him in 2020.

Even minorities will vote for Trump because perhaps for the first time they will see that for the past several years⏤the Democrats have only focused on maintaining their own power while doing nothing for the average American. The murder spree in Chicago, homelessness in countless cities, the opioid addiction are important issues, amongst countless more, that are actually killing people.

At that point, you can expect the next four years will be the constant drumbeat that the whole impeachment process was rigged. It would be great theatre if the President is impeached, but it will never happen. They are just not that dumb.

So, let’s move on to impeachment.

Image: Reuters