Elections are won and lost on ideas, at least they have been in the past. In our modern era, elections are won and lost based on media coverage, paid campaign ads, counting of ballots and the laws that govern these actions, lawsuits that distract from fact and pervert the intent of the founders and the constitution and the opinions of the undecided among us.

I like to consider myself open-minded. I look at situations and decipher truth from fiction, action versus motivation, and purpose based on reality. This can be a lonely place indeed especially in America today where so much of the truth is based on who is telling the story. Facts have very little to do with truth, spin is the king, or queen in our politically correct world.

As our presidential election looms⏤millions of citizens will be voting via early balloting and mail in ballots; in person pull the lever type voting is limited, but they will have their day as well. 

How will the election turn out? 

At one time we could look to the polls to see how thing were shaking out this close to the big day, but in our era of fake polls, polls used to make news, and polls to dishearten segments of the population, much like the news agencies we once relied on, we really can’t trust them anymore.

As an individual I made a choice in 2016 as to whom I would vote for, like I have done in every election I was eligible to participate in. I listened to the candidates, evaluated their proposals and policies, tax strategies and how they would govern based on what they said they would do. I compared their words to any record they had and prayed over my choice. One I was convinced I was good to go. This process usually takes about 3 months, give or take a coup d’état attempt, or fake news story. So, if the election cycle started with the announcements by the candidates, by the time the two primaries were over I knew who I was going to support, probably by June the latest. 

Now this time around I followed the same process. I had more information to review, the candidates records, both of which are clear, their reliability, their stated goals, how they would govern based on those records and their performance in office. I was settled by 2018.

This reality, that I was settled in my choice two years ago, makes my confusion about how anyone could still be undecided in October of 2020 even more astounding, in fact mind boggling. But, regardless of the nearly impossible acceptance of this fact, I must accept that there are between 6% and 8% of American voters who are, still at this very late hour, undecided in how they will vote come November 3.

If I could sit with them and query them on there undecidedness, I would be hard pressed not to start with; Have you no eyes or ears?… how is it that the events of the past 4 years have not knitted their way into your very being and made your eyesight and sense of perception a sharp as a  razor?… Undecided, really?

I am not pushing in one direction or another, whichever way you sway politically, it would seem by now you would have some idea of what you stand for, what you want to see your country become, how you want your leaders to govern, how you want your opportunities to be opened or slammed shut and what world you want for your children and grandchildren… Undecided, really?

Its almost like being on the Titanic as it sinks and trying to decide if you should stay on the ship or get in a life-raft, as the water circles your ankles; one choice is salvation the other is doom.

As I began to research why and how anyone could be undecided at this point in the game I came across a commentator that had spoken to 14 or 15 undecided voters after the first presidential debate and the vice-presidential debate. It was the overwhelming consensus of those undecided voters that they didn’t really care about policy, or tax proposals, or the potential economic collapse, zombie apocalypse or any of the other major decisions we have to make as a country, they were only concerned with whether or not they “liked the candidate, or felt good about the candidate.”

These “feeling” factors would decide the fate of the nation for them, and us, as they choose who to vote for, and by all accounts swing the election one way or another.

So, our future, which ever one you want, a traditional capitalist America or a socialist America hangs in the balance and will be decided by people who seemingly can’t decide this with less than a month out from election day. If that don’t scare you nothing will.  

Feelings are important, but making such an important decision based on which candidate makes you feel warm and fuzzy is not the best way to go. After all, I bet there are some really nice serial killers that could charm the life out of you, or super friendly Ponzi scheme guys that can destroy your future in an instant and flash of a winning smile.

Now I have taken this journey to the absurd, but the point is clear, the “feelers” among us decide based on emotion, and emotions can be played with, toyed with, and manipulated more easily than anything else in the human experience. Our country is at a crossroad, it will change on November 3, (or December 23rd when they get done counting the votes that arrived late by reindeer caravan).

Decisions have to be made on tangible facts, not on hopes or wishes or by throwing fairy dust in the air and lighting some crystal as we chant, “All is good, all is good.” Our way of life and how we live is at stake.