Did you know that seven years from now – you won’t be the same person you are at this very moment? Hard to believe – but true. This statement really got me thinking – like wow, what are the real ramifications of this? CEO Doug Giampapa explains it this way, “which means your current self will share almost no physical matter with your future self.” Okay so there may be hope for you and I yet. Just think – we can reinvent ourselves – literally!

The questions are many – how will we reinvent ourselves? What shape do we take next? That all depends on how you take care of your cells. Again, Giampapa explains it this way – “Each cell in your body is smaller than the period at the end of a sentence but largely determines your overall health.” Are we aging better today than let’s say 50 years ago? What can we do to maintain a health lifestyle? What is DNA Damage?

Also, a very personal story on Malcolm’s recent surgery and bout with Prostate Cancer.

DOUGLAS GIAMPAPA – Co-founder & CEO of HEALTHYCELL, a transformative health sciences company focused on nutrition supplements for cell health.

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AARP describes it this way:
in Your 50s
You may notice subtle (unwanted) changes, especially in your metabolism and skin. But you’ll hopefully experience improvements too, such as fewer allergies, better sex and a more positive outlook on life.

in Your 60s
Being 60-something isn’t as old as it used to be. And staying mentally and physically active can help keep you both fit and young at heart. (By the way, an older heart really can pump as well as a youthful one.)

in Your 70s and Beyond
Sure, much about aging isn’t great. (Example: Your nose and ears really do grow larger the older you get.) But there are great things too. Today’s septuagenarians are having a lot more sex than any 70-plus generation before.

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