Human beings are lazy. It’s all in the title – we’re beings, not doings.

And that is precisely where we’re all going wrong.

Everybody thinks they can just swipe their credit card and have someone else fix all their problems for them.

We’re buying into gadgetry and gurus that don’t work. Or, at least, don’t do what we want them to do.

Even the apparently ‘enlightened’ ones are getting caught in the trap. We think we can just read The Secret, create a dream board and recite mantras and it’ll all fall into our laps.

Let me tell you something: if you’ve found your path, that’s great… but if you just sit your ass down in the middle of it you’ll get run over! You need to put that ‘om’ into mOMentum!

If you’re really seeking inner joy and happiness, you need to look within and start working on whatever needs your attention.

Trying to feel happy and content by buying lots of shiny things is like trying to get fit by wearing a tracksuit.

You won’t fix your soul by buying loads of self help books and leaving them, unopened, on the bookshelf. (Arguably, reading too many mixed messages will confuse you more anyway!)

You won’t make changes to your life by ‘guru hopping’ around lots of different workshops and never actually doing the work afterwards.

You won’t find true, long-lasting contentment by sitting in a Ferrari, wearing a Rolex or going to the job you hate in Boss or Prada.

You won’t get fit and healthy by looking at a lettuce, even if you’re wearing gym shoes.

Work on yourself, from the inside out. That’s where the real growth happens.

There are plenty of good people who can help you along the way, just remember you need to be willing and ready to listen, learn and make changes.

Put that bank card away until you’re absolutely sure of what you want and why…. and only swipe it if you need some genuine, properly-researched support, equipment or advice to aid your journey.

You still need to do the work – nobody else can do it for you – but there’s nothing wrong with getting some help along the way.

Until next time,