Every Cop In America Needs To Be Concerned As This Could Happen To You!

Imagine that you get called out and forced into retirement in your dream job… for what you ask?… for doing your job! Sounds insane yes, but it’s happening in Hackensack, New Jersey. In this weeks stunning report on BLUE LIVES RADIO THE VOICE OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT, Show Host Lt. Randy Sutton interviews NJ Attorney Charles Sciarra, the fiery former Prosecutor who is taking on the City on behalf of officers being coerced into early retirement simply because they were involved in a shooting. Every cop in America needs to be concerned because this could happen to YOU.

Also in this episode in his “View From The Blue” Lt. Sutton takes on ego driven celebrities like Kathy Griffin, Alec Baldwin and Ann Coulter. Does anyone believe these loud mouths and the rhetoric they spew?

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