The Muslim invasion of Europe is proceeding apace, and Europe is being overrun and changed BIGLY! For example, who could predict that some months ago Leo Varadkar, the homosexual Irish Prime Minister, would be captured nuzzling up to Dublin Muslim cleric Sheikh Hussein Halawa, the Irish front-man for the Muslim Brotherhood? Does Varadkar have any inkling what would happen to him if, magically, the Muslim Brotherhood were to one day assume power in Ireland?

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Catholic Ireland is disintegrating along with Catholic France and other historically Christian countries in Europe these days. Nearly 900 French churches were vandalized in 2018. France is projected to be a majority Muslim country within 40 years! Germany took in one million “migrants” in 2015. Even socialist Sweden (a model country according to much of the American political elite) is now a high-crime country, and that is NOT due to indigenous Swedes.

Let’s examine Sheikh Hussein Halawa’s parent organization more closely. The Muslim Brotherhood (a Sunni supremacist organization) was founded in Egypt in 1928. Its original focus was on education of the illiterate, provision of medical care through new hospitals, and establishment of business enterprises. It may have been altruistic at the beginning, but it is not so much anymore, as they were radicalized by two key events: the foundation of the state of Israel in 1948 and the Iranian revolution in 1979 that led to the current Islamist Republic of Iran.

The Muslim Brotherhood now supports “global jihad” and views the organization itself as an “international Muslim body” seeking to establish “the Islamic state” throughout the world.

And they have a plan. The Muslim Brotherhood has long been linked to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and other terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East (especially in Egypt). The Muslim Brotherhood heavily influenced the “Arab spring” that was supported by the Obama regime.

A soft overview of the Muslim Brotherhood and its presence throughout the Middle East can be found here. It is banned in some countries in the region and aligned with political parties in other countries that wish to implement Islamist states. In 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood founded the Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt with a goal to turn the country into an Islamist state similar to Iran. Its leader, Mohammed Morsi, was elected prime minister in 2012 and proceeded to push for a new constitution to achieve the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist goals. Incidentally, Morsi’s election was widely embraced by the Obama regime. Popular outcries against Morsi, spurred by failing public services and a deteriorating internal security situation, led to Morsi’s ouster by Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in July 2013.

Qatar is a primary base of support for the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar was isolated diplomatically and economically by its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) neighbors in 2017 due to its continuing ties to terrorist organizations and specifically the Muslim Brotherhood. Interestingly, approximately 90% of aid given to the European Union by Qatar is channeled through the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the United States, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has long been tied to the Muslim Brotherhood’s “American network” and terrorist organizations. Is sharia law coming to the US? Maybe. Here is an excellent reference on what CAIR has been doing in the US.

The Obama regime was riddled with Muslim Brotherhood supporters, which explains to some extent Obama’s embrace of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt. An excellent summary of the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence on the Obama government is provided here; very few Americans understand the extent of their capacity to affect policies during the Obama years.

Let’s get back to the Muslim Brotherhood’s long-term goals and objectives. Of particular importance is their “Project.”  This is a flexible, multi-phased, long-term approach to the cultural invasion of the West. It explains what has been going on in Europe with the so-called “migrant invasion” and subsequent rise in violent crime that we have all observed. The Project also includes gaining direct influence in the US government, too. Here are a couple of excerpts from an important article that provides further information:

The massive Muslim Brotherhood organizational network in the U.S., so patiently built up over the decades since that first Oval Office meeting in 1953, eventually gave it a prominence and (false) reputation of credibility that was unmatched by any other Islamic groups, moderate or otherwise. Using a combination of taqiyya (deceit, dissimulation) and intimidation, the Muslim Brotherhood succeeded not only in making itself the “go-to” authority on all things related to Islam, but in suppressing those who would speak truth about Islam—again, often by persuading the U.S.’s own senior officials to do the job for them: ‘by their hands’.

The rest of the article summarizes the penetration of the US government by Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers and activists from the Bush 41 presidency onward. It is a must read to understand their objectives for America and the rest of the world!

How is “The Project” unfolding in Europe? Well, that picture of the Irish prime minister and the Muslim Brotherhood front-man in Ireland is just one political result of their infiltration. Here are some more shocking reports from across Europe:

The only countries with a sane immigration policy aimed at preserving their heritage and culture are found in former Iron Curtain countries like the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Many of us in the US have watched aghast while countries in Europe seem hell-bent on committing cultural seppuku. Fortunately, President Trump and others in his administration recognize the threat and are doing something about it. Although not designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization outright, the Trump administration has so designated various chapters and offshoots, and its violent affiliates and terrorist allies are being rolled up.

I am not sure that we are doing enough across the board, nor do sufficient Americans actually recognize the long-term threat to our society of Muslims who refuse to assimilate with the rest of us.

The Europeans certainly don’t seem to have that figured out yet, and we have been falling into the same trap because the political Left, aided and abetted by the legacy media, wish us to follow Europe’s lead.

Let’s look at things historically and philosophically for a minute. Western civilization was consumed by religious wars in the 16th through 18th centuries, particularly after the Protestant Reformation. As European colonial empires grew, the wars shifted to being economic-driven in the mid-18th through mid-20th centuries. The “great” ideological wars of the 20th century were the first secular wars wherein religion had no real play. World War I involved a politico-economic struggle among the last Western empires while World War II was an ideological struggle between a fascist alliance on one hand and capitalist allies plus Communist Russia and feudal China on the other (an over-simplification for discussion purposes).

I would argue that the enormous loss of life in Europe during World War I and World War II plus the establishment of Communist rule over Eastern Europe in 1945 accelerated the secularization of the European continent, making Europe even more susceptible to the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Project” than would have been the case with a Judeo-Christian population not decimated by those wars. Without strong personal Judeo-Christian religious beliefs, people become more susceptible to other religions and cults. World War II virtually wiped out the Jewish population in Europe; Marxism and now Islam are finishing the job after a fashion.

Christians in particular have a real blindside that the Muslim Brotherhood “Project” exploits, and that is the tolerance that is taught in Christian countries. In America, we tolerate all “races, colors, and creeds” and assure ourselves that everyone new to the country will assimilate over time. This has proven to just be not so with radical Muslims, as we see across Europe with “no-go zones” in large cities, the increasing incidence of sharia laws in towns in the UK, and even cultural division here in the US in places like Dearborn, MI.

It occurs to me that eventually there will have to be a Spanish Civil War-type quality action throughout Europe. It seems to me that Europe is sitting on a powder keg similar to but not matching to that of the 1930s because there are still strong elements in Central and Eastern European countries in particular who are resisting the ongoing Muslim invasion. It might be best started in the UK (a localized island bastion operation) and then expanded to actual World War II styled resistance building on the mainland. It may just get down to a force of arms.

I have always wondered at the thoughts and feelings of those who were paying close attention to Europe as they watched the 1930s play out, understanding the calamity that was then descending upon the world. It wasn’t just Churchill and Patton. There must have been a lot of folks whirling like dervishes and suffering from the inept actions of blind, cowardly governments as the fascists boldly consolidated their power. Maybe people were burned out from World War I and were simply waiting for another Polish king to save them all – like King John III Sobieski did at the gates of Vienna in 1683 when he defeated the invading Ottomans. There was a very different threat to deal with of course in the 1930s, but lookie here! It’s the 1683 threat appearing once again – now modernized for 2019 – so the analogy fits after a fashion. The closest thing to a King John these days is Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who closed the Hungarian border to migrants. But one lone voice won’t be enough to turn the tide.

Following the current chain of world and US events regarding open borders and the virtual collapse of immigration policies around the world makes me ill and angry – with no clear way to take legitimate action except to give money to political scammers who promise to “do something” but mostly are in it for the dough.

I am all spun up with no outlet for operational energies other than writing articles and threading on Twitter. I *REALLY* don’t want to see the US – or Europe, for that matter – succumb to the Muslim Brotherhood’s grand scheme. We can’t lull ourselves to sleep by lumping the Muslim Brotherhood in with ISIS which has essentially been eliminated as a threat; the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Project” continues apace right under our noses!

Nor can we allow ourselves to be distracted by domestic political battles in Washington, DC. We need to push back HARD on all Muslim immigrants who don’t assimilate, as well as carefully sift through those foreigners we admit into the country and reject those with ties to Muslim extremist organizations of all varieties. We either do these things, or we’ll all be going, going, gone! 

The end.