Americans and the greater world community just celebrated the fifty-year mark of the first human species to set foot on our nearest celestial object, the Moon. The challenge to reach this goal was the vision set forth by President John F. Kennedy, two years prior to his assassination in 1963. This crowning Achievement stands as a testament to the spirit of American ingenuity and spirit. 

Over time however, we have witnessed a deterioration of heralding our American accomplishments, as they have given way to measuring success based on “Social” Achievements. Sensitivity to issues, is given more credence over scientific and technological advances. Attempts continue to erase an/or rewrite history, based on current value judgements of past historical events. Removing statues are a perfect example of this. These very dangerous actions seek to erase our past, as if it never happened. This is what happens in totalitarian regimes.

In this Podcast, Host Ray Brookstein and Irene Peduto and Molly Day, recall the thrill of the “Space Race” And what it meant to Patriotism. Then examine the affect of modern news and the deterioration of American Achievements!

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