The Election of Donald J. Trump re-sounded the alarm heard around the world. The Democrats were crushed in the Electoral College, yet won the Popular Vote. Although, who actually voted; ie when you consider non-citizen votes and voter fraud, the popular vote may not be too popular!

Nonetheless, when they lose, they never accept the result. So they will do the next best thing; which is to change the rules of the game. It’s the same Democrat refrain: To Hell with the Constitution.

So, some years ago, they gathered their best legal minds in a Think Tank and determined that since, at any given moment, they may not have enough of a Senate majority to amend the constitution, they concocted a way around it. Dr. Evil can appreciate their genius. It’s picked up a whole lot of steam.

Keep in mind that a Presidential election is really a combination of 50 State elections plus Puerto Rico. 

The National compact simply stated, is that State Legislatures will agree, in advance, to assign their States electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. So even if a whole State voted Red⏤those voters would be disenfranchised if the popular vote was blue. At the moment, 14 States have gone along, potentially achieving around 171 electoral votes.  

Should they get enough states to go along which total 270..then that’s all she wrote and it’s over. It is unlikely that this would occur by the 2020, however 2024 may be their target.

Potentially, it would be over FOREVER.

Combining Illegal aliens votes along with lowering the voting age to 16, and adding in Democrat Mega populated States, like California and New York, they would literally take control of America for good.

If they deliver on the National Compact they win and America loses. Despite the legal challenges, this fate is right at our doorstep.

Perhaps our only hope is to fight Fire with Fire, play the same game by their new rules and lock down the Red States in advance.

In 2016, Trump won 30 States. Pressure must be asserted on these 30 States to sign a similar compact, that they will NOT ASSIGN those electoral votes based upon the Presidential popular vote.

This could fend off the assault and preserve the Constitution. It’s time for us to hit the telephone dials hard in our Red States, before it’s too late.
– Love..RayRay and a Poem

To Hell with the Constitution 

There is clearly subversion
Behind every move
Like unseating our Leader
Who is deep in a groove

Now The Electoral College
Is under attack
States passing Amendments
Which Put a knife to our back

It’s slick and it’s stealthy
A legal assault
Back to a popular vote
To Lock up their vault 

Their goal is quite clear
270’s the prize
They could take down our Republic
In the blink of an eye

California and New York
Would Determine our fate
Kiss representation goodbye
For many a State 

Steering elections
For decades to come
Radical leftist progressives
Put us Conservatives under their thumb 

Slowly and sneaky
Imperceptibly Sly
Putting Dr. Evil in charge
Before any asked why

We better wake from our slumber
And plan our defense
Fight legal Fire with Fire
Directly.. without any pretense

This is our last stand
To Defend what we must
Saving America
Or risk reducing it….to dust 

Written by RayRay 4/6/19©️