Every decision had consequences. Every move had to be analyzed in mere seconds. What started as a holiday party, a celebration amongst friends…turned quickly into a horror scene of mayhem and human emotions that emulated a Hollywood blockbuster of make-believe. Nate Scarano was one of the first responding law enforcement personnel to the tragic terrorist mass shooting incident that occurred at Inland Center in San Bernardino, CA on December 2nd, 2015.

The chaos that Scarano encountered as he and his partner tried to hunt for the heavily armed terrorists with assault rifles, while they were armed only with pistols and two magazines of ammunition was unprecedented. Nate describes their valiant attempts to quickly triage and transport the wounded, while being forced to leave the dead behind as the terrorists escaped. The emotional and psychological aftermath of the first responders having to react to and later reconcile a horrific crime scene filled with mangled bodies of the killers’ victims–still haunts those professionals today.

Nate Scarano and DrRon discuss how Americans can train and prepare to survive terrorist and active shooter incidents. Valuable lessons from this historical tragedy, and a reminder that heroes exist all across the nation in small town agencies and big city districts from all levels of emergency services.

The parents of Yvette Velasco, Robert and Marie Velasco, embrace next to the casket of their daughter Thursday December 10, 2015 during her funeral service at Forest Lawn in Covina. Velasco is the first of the 14 victims from the Dec. 2 Inland Regional Center mass shooting to be buried.