The run-ups to and consequential results of the 2020 elections reveal a country that is disturbingly polarized around fundamentally different socialist versus capitalist visions of America’s foundational institutions and core guiding principles.

Nevertheless, there were some encouraging signs after all.

For one, it demonstrated that boatloads of Soros, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley funding targeted on perceived vital vulnerable congressional seats didn’t hit their casualty marks.

Republican control of the Senate held fast against negative media advertisement blitzkriegs launched against Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Susan Collins of Main, Iowa’s Joni Ernst, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Democrats reportedly raised a staggering $130 million in support of Sen. Graham’s opponent Jaime Harrison, a new fundraising record for any Senate candidate, and a losing one even with that.

My home state of Texas held out against an onerous onslaught of spending to defeat the president and U.S. congressional contenders. Sen. John Cornyn successfully defended his flank from a heavily-funded challenge by M.J. Hegar, as did five Republican House incumbents from deep-pocket Democratic rivals.

The election demonstrated that monumentally massive money spent on Democratic congressional candidates were clearly no match for historically large and energized turnouts of marathon Trump rallies.

Mainstream pollsters who predicted that Republicans would likely lose Senate control along with as many as 20 House seats got it terribly wrong. As things now stand, the GOP can expect to keep a Senate majority, and also likely gain at least six net representatives…possibly up to a dozen.

The core neo-Marxist progressive tenet that divides aggrieved like-thinking identity groups into stereotypically racial and national origin categories was disproven from coast to coast.

Despite all attempts to brand President Trump as a racist, he received a growing number of votes from black men this year over 2016, while former Vice President Biden receive two points fewer than Hillary’s 82%.

According to NBC News, about 26% of black men with high school diplomas or less supported Trump, along with 22% with bachelor’s degrees, and 20% with advanced degrees.

In South Texas’s 95% Mexican-American Zapata County, whereas Hillary won by 33% points in 2016 – Trump won by 52% this time.  In Webb County, Trump won 36.6% of the vote, up from 22.8% in 2016.

Florida’s Miami-Dade County delivered Trump a nearly 40% strongly anti-Socialist Cuban-American vote margin over Biden. The president is also believed to have performed very well with Puerto Rican voters in Osceola County near Orlando.

Deep and wide ideological demographic divisions separate metropolitan versus small-town America, most particularly between those in Democratic coastal and Republican central battleground stronghold states, counties, and municipalities. Overall, most red and blue 2016 electoral map colors only darkened.

Disparate optimism projections could hardly be more divergent. Regarding coronavirus campaign narratives, compare Joe Biden’s “dark winter” economic and social shut-down messaging and Trump’s “future never greater” promises.

Contemplate being asked to accept the oxymoron of “overwhelmingly peaceful riots,” while ignoring public buildings in flames, looted businesses, and lasers aimed at cops’ eyes to blind them – all in the name of “justice.” Then meanwhile, also try to grasp the logic of proposals to defund police and eliminate Second Amendment self-defense protections.

Visualize election scenes full of Democratic home signs and bumper stickers – versus “silent” Republicans who avoid doing so out of fear of property vandalism or worse, risks of being physically assaulted for no other reason than that they support enormously successful domestic and foreign policies of our nation’s duly elected president.

Recognize reasons for alarm about the erosion of First Amendment rights to free speech through increasingly rampant cancel culture intimidation and Orwellian information control by powerful self-ordained Silicon Valley social media censors.

Contemplate why many might be inclined to push back mightily against public subsidies for an abortion regimen with practices far beyond anything that might be considered reasonable or civilized, and against the radical left’s imposition of pseudo-historical anti-patriotic “1619 Project” systemic racism propaganda and socially destructive “White Privilege” indoctrination materials into K-12 public school programs.

Appreciate why a great many who cherish our constitution and its ordained separation of powers would fiercely resist openly partisan threats to grant de facto legislative powers to a politicized judicial branch by packing the Supreme Court with revisionist justices.

True, there have been plenty of legitimately contentious issues on the table in the 2020 presidential debate, for example, appropriate levels of taxation, controversies surrounding any honest scientific basis for climate alarm, cost efficiencies, and qualitative improvements of our American health care system, more equitable criminal justice reforms, and economically and societally beneficial immigration policies.

Unfortunately, and likely by intent, Democrats eluded any meaningful policy discussions or debates.

Here again, we witnessed an extreme contrast between a conspicuously cognitively and achievement-challenged candidate for our nation’s highest office who rarely emerged from a basement bunker to respond to friendly cherry-picked questions with content-free teleprompter-scripted answers. And then there was one who took countless incoming missiles from a hostile White House Press Corps and blazed campaign trails throughout the country with unprecedented energy and openness.

One candidate apparently had only two platform issues to run on, blame for the virus and his opponent’s personality. Yet his own record stood on crumbled foundations of rubble in both accounts.

The pathetically impotent Obama-Biden response to a very, fortunately, less virulently lethal H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic offers no basis for confidence.

Regarding Joe’s sloganeering that his administration would “crush the virus,” contrast this with the Trump administration that immediately shut down travel to China that Joe condemned as “xenophobic,” invoked the Defense Production Act to provide all medical equipment needed to rapidly respond to the crisis, established a comprehensive national testing program, and organized a massively aggressive public-private “Operation Warp Speed” initiative that is well on the way to delivering multiple vaccines and therapies before this year’s end.

It’s also impossible to dismiss blatantly hypocritical assertions that Joe Biden wins in any personal character contest. Suffice to mention that President Trump was investigated on false Russian collusion charges provably ginned up by the Hillary Clinton campaign that Joe endorsed.

Further, he was unfairly impeached for legitimately questioning Ukrainian corruption that credible evidence (also involving murky China, Russian, and other foreign oligarchs) indicates to have richly benefitted Joe’s influence-peddling family. And throughout, an also scandalously compliant media and complicit big tech censorship machine gave Joe a free pass.

2020 will conclude the most bitter presidential campaign in modern U.S. history memory that has tragically distorted fundamental contours of the American body politic.

There’s no sugar-coating the precarious urgency of reclaiming the wonderful nation we inherited for generations that follow.