As usual, Democrats change the rules, aided and abetted by the fake news media⏤allowing them to count votes after the 3rd of November and are declaring victory for Biden/Harris even though the following facts and anomalies tell a different story:

  1. In 2020 alone, 17 million weapons were bought mainly by first-timer Americans (of all races and genders) to defend their families and businesses plus the millions sold under Obama. They are obviously believers in the Second Amendment and potential members of the NRA but they all allegedly, have been very happy to vote for Biden/Harris who want to revoke the 2nd Amendment and take their weapons away from them.
  2. At least double the number of Blacks voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016 because their unemployment has been the best in 50 years and more money in their pockets, but somehow Biden/Harris who will increase taxes have won their votes.
  3. At least 40% more Hispanics voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016 because he wants to protect the borders of the USA; but Biden/Harris who want open borders allowing illegals to come in the USA to compete with them and Blacks for jobs, healthcare, education, and housing – as well as terrorists – have for some illogical reason won their vote.
  4. The best income for all minorities in the last 50 years because of Trump’s tax cuts; but Biden/Harris have won their vote although they promise to increase the taxes on Americans.
  5. More Jews voted for Trump in 2020 than 2016, but Biden/Harris have won although they have every intention to allow the Ayatollah terrorist regime to acquire nuclear weapons to wipe out Israel and the Gulf Sunni Arabs.
  6. Trump is pro-life while Biden/Harris are pro-abortion and death, yet presumably, over 120,000,000 Americans have lost their faith in God and Country thus electing Biden/Harris.
  7. Trump is the first president who has not engaged America in a new ground conflict, yet tens of millions of Americans prefer the spineless Biden/Obama legacy.
  8. Hundreds of millions of Americans watched the wanton destruction, looting, burning, and killings by Anifa and BLM – the Brown Shirts/ Fascists of the Democrat Party – while the criminally corrupt and negligent media labeled them ‘peaceful’; yet these tens of millions of Americans were very content to vote for Biden/Harris who never once objected or opposed these acts but on the contrary, Pelosi, and Kamala declared them legitimate.
  9. When Hillary Clinton advised Biden not to concede the election, not a single news media condemned her⏤but are now critical of Trump who knows the electoral votes have been tampered with and needs to be investigated thoroughly.
  10. Dynamic Trump addressed tens of thousands of Americans almost every single day while Biden/Harris were hiding in their bunker and when they surfaced barely 100 people came to meet them, yet Biden/Harris are the winners.
  11. Democrat Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania declared Biden won before any votes were counted on the 3rd of November. Obviously, he already knew how the Democrats were going to skew the voting results.
  12. How is it conceivable – on a statistical probability basis – that the Democrats in Michigan found 130,000 votes for Biden and not even 500 for Trump? The New York Times fact-checked it and dismissed it as a typo error; in the middle of the most controversial presidential election?
  13. If the Democrats were honest and transparent, why did they refuse to allow pro-Trump observers to monitor the counting of votes? Even more egregious, why did they deliberately obscure the areas where the counting was done especially in the very five states that could swing the election one way or the other?
  14. By 12 am (midnight Tuesday 3rd November) all indications were that Trump got at least 299 electoral votes.
  15. All the Fake news media suppressed every win by Trump for several hours while declaring instantly every win by Biden/Harris to discourage Republicans from voting.
  16. For days before the 3rd, tens of thousands of voter registrations were either misplaced, deliberately destroyed, or put in dumpsters by the criminal stooges of the Democrat party; but Biden/Harris was able to win.
  17. For months the media and Democrats were doing their utmost to separate Biden from his son although all the accusations against Hunter are for all to see. Yet most Americans ignored all this and voted Biden/ Harris.

Therefore, based entirely on the facts on the ground, every indication shows that the Democrats and their Fake media stooges were coordinating to steal the election. For five years these Democrat delinquents suffering from the Trump Derangement Syndrome tried the Russian collusion; the Ukraine quid pro quo; the Mueller investigation and the impeachment, all of which failed miserably so they changed their tactics from the legal to the illegal.

It was Joe Biden who blatantly and publicly bragged how he interfered in the internal affairs of Ukraine when he threatened their leaders to withhold one billion unless they dismiss the current investigation of corruption. This was a crystal clear case of quid pro quo but of course, the fake media covered for him.

With the full collusion of the media, they started telling Americans that Trump will never concede defeat and will have to be removed by force. For months they were conditioning Americans preemptively knowing very well that they will do everything nefarious to steal the election. They, therefore, used the Corona pandemic to be allowed to have votes counted after the 3rd of November – especially those by mail or e-mail – where they can be easily manipulated and perverted.

President Trump knows perfectly well that the Democrats who had failed miserably to defeat him by legal or any means are now doing so by illegal and corrupt means. Trump will only concede if the re-counts prove him the loser.

There is a saying that Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” can, unfortunately, be used here and now regarding the results of this election because it is inconceivable for rational and fair-minded human beings to elect a senile and corrupt Biden over and above Trump who has kept almost every promise he made to Americans and more.

Joe Biden, as every logical American knows, is the Trojan Horse allowing Kamala Harris to be president since he may not last more than a few months in the presidency with his mental decline.

Let me now share with you what should be done and what will most probably happen if Biden/Harris takeover. All the foremost enemies of the USA will, like vultures smelling death, start nibbling at America’s interests all over the globe and testing the mettle of the new administration.

My forecasts may sound doom and gloom but nonetheless are reasonable:

  1. President Trump must not concede until the votes in at least the five states are recounted.
  2. Trump fought with every ounce in his body for the American people. It is up to “We the People” to show their concern, support, and gratitude by having millions of them vigorously demonstrating all over the USA demanding “No Recount! No Concession!”. Without such literally vital public support, Trump will have no choice but to concede and Americans would have abjectly surrendered their future to the criminal cabal.
  3. Because Biden will allow the terrorist Ayatollahs of Iran to go for their Nuclear ambitions – that he and Obama signed over and treasonously paid the over 150 billion dollars – the Israelis (who totally believe the Ayatollahs’ intention to exterminate them) and the Sunni Gulf Arabs, will have no choice but to pre-emptively destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. Since these are deep inside mountains, Tactical Nuclear Weapons may have to be used.
  4. Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah of Lebanon will – with the invigorated Ayatollahs – start aggressive actions against Israel and other Arab states. Again, the potential for conflagration will be imminent.
  5. Without Trump, the peace accords in the Middle East may either stop or even get reversed because Biden/Harris supports the so-called Palestinians and the Muslim Brotherhood.
  6. Xi Jinping of China will assert himself even more in the South China Sea and the Pacific knowing full well that Biden/Harris are spineless creatures. All talk; no action.
  7. Putin’s Russia will do the same to regain its dominance in Europe.
  8. The dictator of Turkey, Erdogan will foment more troubles in Syria, Iraq, the Mediterranean Sea, and Libya. He will most probably start a conflict with Greece, to begin with. Without Trump, NATO, the Europeans, and Biden will most probably do absolutely nothing to stop him.
  9. Kim Jong-un of North Korea will also be emboldened to continue with his nuclear ambitions, again fully knowing that Biden/Harris is made of straw.
  10. By going after oil, gas, and fracking, the USA will again be dependent upon oil imports making her once more vulnerable to blackmail and the price per gallon will go up.
  11. Going for the Green New Deal will cost Americans trillions of dollars that no future generation will ever be able to pay back and will add to the cost of all energies paid by Americans.
  12. The suppression by the media, academia, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube of all free speech will be complete. Without the First Amendment, Americans will subsequently lose all the other Amendments. Americans will be indoctrinated and not enlightened just as peoples are, in absolute dictatorships. Americans will be fed only the information that the elites deem fit for them to know.
  13. Biden may be talking of unity, but those who manipulate him are nasty and very vengeful creatures who will go for the blood of Trump, his family, and all those who supported him.

I have spent twelve years attempting to enlighten Americans by telling them the truth backed up completely with facts in over 1730 radio talk shows and thousands of printed articles. It is a pity that I have obviously failed in my endeavors. I sincerely hope that my above predictions will be much less drastic although they are well articulated.