Good people as we described them often seek answers to the human crisis and chaos.

We work diligently to improve the quality of life and empower humanity to be better, live better, think smarter and grow. Yet, with all of this “doing good” there seems to be something amiss in the quest to improve our stance in the world. 

While we cry out against injustice our strategies seem to become webs that lead to even more injustice against the unjust. Rebellion against governmental control displayed through cries on the street corners, fires and ambushments against the very authority for which the Bible teaches us to pray. 

Petitions swarm social media warning us of impending danger of this “deadly” government. Clicks, texts and emails are riddled with attacks on the highest office in the land, all while singing “God Bless America.” Dare we disrupt this electronic march against Washington and the world!? Does it even matter what we think? Of course, it does! But, is this the place of our greatest power? 

The righteousness of God does not march the streets nor strike with the fist or tongue. The righteousness of God in its’ purest form is to stand for Him without standing against anything or anyone. The energy spent speaking out against anything is wasted while the power directives to real change are aborted.  

The Bible teaches, it is Satan who has come to steal, kill and destroy (John 10-10). He wants to keep us mixed up, confused and chasing our tails, so we will not do what God has called us to do: To show the world the love of God. While emotions are high and sorted precipitated by chaos; we must remember anything that is not motivated by Love becomes ineffective in creating global change for the good. 

Far too much energy is expended on pointing out the faults of Washington, the Church and everything and everyone who is “not” as good as we are. Why aren’t “they” more like us? Our desire to become effective has truly spiraled us into a space where we are attempting to put “new wine into old wine skin.” This is wasted time and energy and truly exhausting. 

We hear the words “Paradigm Shift” everywhere, however a true shift does not leave us the same. Self-created theology and ideology will not create real change. The language we use seems to make us feel as though we are making changes when all we have done was to add new language to an old paradigm. 

Motion is not progress.  

We are in motion but like the Children of Israel in the Wilderness, we do not appear to be making progress. Are we getting the results we want? Stop for a moment and ask yourself are we moving in the direction that will be the best for the whole or are we stuck in the wilderness blaming God? 

What do I mean by this? Affective means there is a definite influence on the emotions of humanity. People are angry, stressed and pressured into making decisions based on what they see, hear and feel. The heart or righteousness does not leave us with those negative emotions. We are left with a peace that passes understanding, a joy that is unspeakable, love too full to the overflow in all that we do and say.

Being in the flow of Righteous Change, we have hope and a sense of knowing all is well. We have a certainty God is at work and the world is not lost. We do not see the President or Washington DC as an obstacle. We see everything that is going on as an opportunity for God to show Himself strong! 

Therefore, I am committed to take the Love of God to the nations through healing and deliverance. This is effective and always affective to as many as will receive Him.