Educator Shames US Military to Students

Teachers are such an important part of our children’s formative years. A good teacher can motivate and raise up a student to allow them to widen their horizons, heighten their self-esteem, achieve more than they dreamed they could, inspire their minds, soothe their soul.

Many of us remember that one great teacher that taught you to reach for the stars, and just knew you would catch one.

Then there are the Gregory Salcido’s of the world; your and my children’s educational world. Gregory Salcido, a teacher at El Rancho High School, in Pico Rivera California, and a member of the city council. A man who has decided that his personal opinion regarding our United States Military men and women should be spewed to his students during class. After challenging a student wearing a Marine Corp sweatshirt, he told the students that members of the military are the lowest of the low, that the overseas wars have dragged on because we have a bunch of “dumbshits” over there. He said our military members “are not high level bankers, they are not academic people, they are not intellectual people. “They are the lowest of our low” He also questioned why military recruiters were allowed to recruit at the school, saying “we don’t let pimps come in the school.”

Mr Salcido is not in the classroom to express his first amendment rights, he is in the classroom to teach our kids the lesson plans they are there to learn. They are not there to learn his derogatory, uneducated, biased opinion.

Nor are they there to hear his racist comments about the Vietnamese people, nor the Middle Eastern people. This is the worst kind of “educator”: teaching not good life lessons, not learning materials, but teaching hatred, intolerance, discrimination and insulting many students’ family members. We entrust or most precious children to the care of the educational system, only to have a destructive, not constructive, teacher use their honored platform as a place to act like a big guy, to tear down our American institutions and the people who have served so honorably, who have given life and limb for our freedoms. This teacher has no right to overextend his responsibility and disgrace his school and his profession.

Mr Salcido, you have been given the right to be the jerk you have shown yourself to be, by these “lowly” military people. I doubt Mr Salcido, that you know how to fix airplanes, fly airplanes, drive a tank, engineer a bridge or a dam, or a levee. I doubt that you could lead a group of men into a battle they may never return from, or figure out a plan to defeat an enemy intent on killing you and harm your country. I doubt that you know the ins and out of a nuclear submarine, or have the heroic courage to do any of the admirable things our military does every single day to protect the likes of you.

You don’t hold a candle to a Navy Seal. Our military is second to none at communications, aircraft, underwater and land warfare, nuclear propulsion, drones, satellite communications, cyber warfare and responding to national and international emergencies at a moment’s notice. I doubt that you were there saving lives during Katrina, or Harvey, Maria, or Irma. Our military was.

Many of the most complex military operation specialties are performed by the men and women of our armed forces that are just a few years older than your high school students, and much younger than you.

The best oral surgeon I know learned it in the military, when he had to work on people on battlefields without all the best equipment, but I would trust not only my teeth, but my life to this man.

I also doubt that you could administer aid when your buddies are shot or blown up, and give them lifesaving help to live another day. You have not experienced living without limbs, or sight, or arms, or severe lifelong injuries or PTSD. These brave and heroic men and women of our United States military gave their all for all of us to enjoy the freedoms that you abuse every day and they were all taught by men far better than you.

Your excuse is that you wanted to encourage your students to go to college. The fact is, not everyone is meant for college, and with teachers like you, and there are too many of them, they would be better off in trade schools or the military.

The MOS’s offered in the military allow people to have high paying jobs in their future. Military make the best of employees and leaders when they retire.

I personally know more people, men and women who have served, including family members that are in higher places in their life than you have achieved, and are better people for their service and for the skills and the disciplines and the appreciation for our country and the comradery they have experienced.

If my son or daughter were in your class that would have been the last day they would have ever been in your class. It is not your place to spew your personal and just wrong biases to students.

You use the classroom to attempt to indoctrinate students rather than teach them and this is rampant in the educational system and parents need to speak up and end it.

El Rancho High school did the right thing in suspending you, and you need to never teach again. Have the heroic courage shown by our military every day, and resign from city council rather than wasting taxpayer dollars to have them recall you, and they will.

It’s unfortunate that you use the hard fought for freedoms to disparage those that earned those freedoms for you. Gregory Salcido, you don’t deserve to teach our children, you have made your position all about yourself and not about those you are there to inspire and educate.

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