Edd Edwards Gives ‘Brain Power’ A Whole New Meaning 2

You’ve heard the expression that ‘we are only using 10% of our brains’. That statement always puzzled me. It made me think – WHAT IF? What if we could use 100% of our brains? Or how about even 50%? Edd Edwards gives ‘Brain Power’ a whole new meaning….

Scientists claim that Edd Edwards uses 100% of his brain, something that no one else does. They go on to say that they’ve never seen anyone else with a brain like his. The man can send energy frequencies to people to alter their electrical system in their body which can cause their body to do any number of things. One of the things he does is to help jumpstart the body’s healing ability. He doesn’t do the healing – he just helps get people’s body turned on in ways so it can start healing itself. He has been studied by doctors, scientists and universities for 26 years and the research is still ongoing.

Edd Edwards is an energetic medicine specialist who uses his unique gift to help people. He even has a special ‘power’ that he used many times in church as a child. He tells us about that story on today’s podcast. Some think his ‘powers’ come from the devil – yet nothing could be further from the truth. He has ‘played with energy’ since childhood. This energy comes from God or as some people call it Source energy. It is something we all have but don’t use or develop to the extent that Edd Edwards has. This has enabled him to charge or turn on the energy that is dormant in people’s body as we all have this inherently within ourselves.

Our bodies need exercise to be healthy, so our energy field also needs exercise to be healthy. He says what he does is like exercising the energy field in people. Edwards says we all have this ability – we just need to know how to wake it up and use it. There is currently a documentary being filmed on his life and unique abilities.

He is starting an institution that will include medical doctors, naturopaths, and other people in natural and energetic medicine and he will be teaching people how to develop and use this energy that’s within all of us. People will also learn how to live off the grid and live a very healthy life when they attend this institution. It should be finished within a year.

For Further Insight:
More on Edd, his institution and his membership site go to www.eddedwards.com
Follow Edd on Twitter, https://twitter.com/EDDLEDWARDS

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