American “Progressives” are manipulated by Russian communists. This is old news that very few Americans, though, understand. Meet Dr. Paul Kengor, a political science professor who is an expert on the history of communism and how they have duped American “Progressives” and “Liberals” for over a century.

Every citizen needs to know what Dr. Kengor loves to teach! Today’s show highlights how Russian Communists duped some famous American Progressives; how Barrack Hussein Obama was trained by a Communist with a 600 page FBI file; and a reading list and action plan for American Patriots. Let’s get smart! Learn history so the duping will end!

Book: How America’s Adversaries have Manipulated Progressives for a Century

Paul Kengor, Ph.D. is a New York Times best-selling author and professor of political science at Grove City College. He is executive director of The Center for Vision & Values, a Grove City College think-tank/policy center.

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2nd Book: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism

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