When can anyone search through your most intimate records and belongings? When you throw them away, of course! The US Supreme Court has already ruled that the Fourth Amendment doesn’t protect your garbage can or recycle bin. Today we talk about a very interesting case in Oregon where local reporters turned the tables on the authorities, with very interesting results.

I’ll also update you on the latest WiFi security standards, a police department that awarded cybersecurity quiz takers with infected USB drives, and some welcome (but limited) changes to border search policies for electronic devices.

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Carey Parker began programming computers in middle school when personal computers were just starting to become popular. For years, these twin interests percolated until he attended Purdue University and he learned you could get paid to do this stuff – it was called Electrical Engineering! After obtaining a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in EE, Carey wrote software for multiple companies, large and small. In recent years, particularly after the Edward Snowden revelations in 2013, he became deeply concerned about computer security and privacy. In 2014, he combined his passion for computers, cybersecurity and fantasy novels with the long-time desire to write the book: Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons.