Back in 1994 Canadian-American actor Jim Carrey starred in the Hollywood production of ‘Dumb and Dumber’, a story about two buffoons traveling across the country chasing a dream. The movie turned out to be a big hit for the comedic actor, though it certainly wasn’t nominated for any cinematic awards.

Followed by a string of more mostly forgettable movies, Carrey has largely been forgotten until he chose to start injecting himself into American politics. Carrey’s dislike for President Donald Trump has been very public, but unfortunately for him his political opinions are just as forgettable as most of his movies.

In fact, it seems that far too many of those in Hollywood seem to think that their political opinions are of any real consequence, or that their attitudes really hold any sway among Middle America. As if those who work hard for a living and who could only dream about the “lifestyles of the rich and famous”, really give a hoot about what the Hollywood elite have to say.

There certainly are exceptions to the ‘Hollywood’ rule. Well known Hollywood celebrities like Gary Sinese and others have chosen to let their actions speak more loudly than their words. They’ve devoted their off-screen energies to supporting the real American heroes in the U.S. military, the police, firemen, and all the other first responders who put their lives on the line every day for this country.  

Actors like former Army Ranger Tim Abell have made the transition from the military to the big screen, and have chosen to devote their time and energies to our veterans and wounded warriors by supporting such charities as ‘Gallant Few’, and often making appearances at veterans’ charity events.

There are a number of other celebrities who break the Hollywood mold that regularly produces films that criticize the United States and that put our real heroes in a negative light. They’ve chosen instead to make films that offer a positive message. The type of message that much of the viewing audience craves from Hollywood but seldom seems to get.

Filmmakers like Michael Bay had the courage with ’13 Hours’ to tell the true story of the Benghazi attacks, not the political spin that was put out by the Obama Administration. And others like actor-director Max Martini with ‘Sgt. Will Garner’, and Matthew Marsden who recently wrote and directed ‘I Am That Man’, have created thought-provoking movies which deal with the sacrifices families make, as well as the difficult transition to civilian life that many of our war fighters experience.

Films, that though they deal with difficult and perhaps even controversial subjects avoid partisan politics, and are able to leave the audience with a positive feeling afterwards because they focused on the courage and heroism of everyday Americans who have chosen a life of service to our nation.

While ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda may get the headlines with comments comparing President Trump with Adolph Hitler – an insult by the way to all of the victims of Nazi Germany, and Jim Carrey feels compelled to inject himself into politics with his insults, most everyday Americans give little attention to them. They’re entitled to their express their opinions, but their opinions simply don’t matter to anyone outside of the Hollywood elites.

Americans appreciate the good, quality films that are produced by Hollywood, even those that depict controversial subjects. As long as the production is even-handed and isn’t just another anti-American hit piece. Even those subjects which show America’s faults and our imperfect past are fair game, as long as they are ‘fair’. But the steady drumbeat of anti-American films, and the extreme political attacks from Hollywood celebrities for the most part fall on deaf ears.

If Hollywood wants to make money they might want to consider producing more positive, ‘feel good’ movies, and keep their political opinions to themselves. After being talked down to and criticized for eight years under the Obama Administration, feeling good about being ‘American’ is what people really crave.

With celebrity awards programs receiving dismal television ratings and falling receipts at the box office, Hollywood would do well to start thinking about the product that they put out. Perhaps it’s time to follow the lead of people like Sinese, Abell, Martini, and Marsden to name just a few who have ignored the politics, and have discovered how to connect with an audience.

It’s not rocket science, but continuing to keep making the same type of movies that fail to make money, simply said is just plain dumb.  

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