Boosting Your Confidence for Success

America Out Loud 31

Meet Dr. Stem Mahlatini

DrStem “Life Plus”, is all about Motivation, Inspiration, Education, Empowerment and Encouragement. DrStem is on a mission to inspire, and empower teenagers and adults alike to feel the fear and go after their passions and dreams anyway. Her work is designed to bring HOPE, boosting confidence to speak and live fearlessly out loud.

What area in your life are you playing it safe?
What would happen if you were not afraid?
Why are you not living the life you dream of?
What is holding you back? What habits are hurting you?
What thoughts need to be changed

My mission is to inspire teenagers and adults to live a healthy, emotionally, spiritually balanced life by enhancing self-awareness and focus on behavior modification through this podcast, one on one coaching, interactive seminars and keynote speaking engagements. I believe children learn what they live, if the adults are balanced they learn to be balanced, if the adults are thriving to live beyond their fears they learn to thrive beyond their fears.


🎧 The Bullying Epidemic

December 8, 2018
Bullying is an epidemic. It is rampant, widespread, pervasive and the effects can be catastrophic.…
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