Meet Dr. Joni

Forensic Psychologist, Private Investigator

Dr. Joni E. Johnston is a licensed clinical/forensic psychology and licensed private investigator. She brings a wealth of both criminal and civil experience to her 30-year career. From a criminal perspective, she has evaluated violence risk in mentally disordered offenders for the Board of Parole, California Department of Corrections and Superior Court of California. She has worked on the crisis and assessment units at R.J. Donovan, a medium-maximum security prison and has conducted competency to stand trial, not guilty by reason of insanity pleas, and mitigation evaluations for prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. Dr. Joni’s Website.

 She has conducted over 200 independent harassment or discrimination investigations as well as numerous violence risk assessments and has personally trained over 5,000 managers and employees on how to prevent and respond to harassment as well as conduct effective and legal discipline and termination practices. She also plays an active role in  communicating about law and psychology, having taught graduate courses in the Introduction to Forensic Psychology, Criminogenic Psychopathology, and the Evaluation and Treatment of Offenders.

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