Friday, November 16, 2018

My personal goal is to inspire a revolution within you. To incite a Riot against ignorance and indifference, and to motivate massive change.

DrFaye Wilson
Change Agent, Minister & Your Host

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I thought being one of 13 children was challenging; until I met the world. I am an Inspirational Speaker, Talk Show Host, Author, Ordained Minister, Life Coach, Social Media Strategist, Weekly Columnist on America Out Loud, and a Co-Host of Life Liberty & The Pursuit of Pleasure, Host of Daily Show “Energy Bar” and on Sunday I am back with Intentional right inside of the America Out Loud Network. My life is one of adventure, and promise. I have been touched deeply by street children in both East and West Africa whose stories are yet to be told. What an impact those little ones made upon my life. I have seen the hearts of people crying out for answers to life everywhere I go. I have listened to the Homeless which included Veterans tell me of their plight. America should have no homeless veterans.


I am indeed an underdog advocate and all I do is of no value if it is not from a place of service to Humanity. I am thankful I get to serve well via the America Out Loud Network. My core beliefs are those I take from the teachings of Jesus, beginning with Faith to move mountains, Love from a place of life transformation, and to acquire and maintain inner peace even in not so peaceful times.

Everyone has a story. I have always wanted to serve humanity. As a child, my “special” friends would call me missionary. In a way, it was a prophesy, I wanted to be of service in my life. I never dreamed I would go to Africa and meet so many beautiful people. The time I spent there was life changing.

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Igniting Passion
Building Lives

My mission is to ignite your God given talents and passion to build a life meant to be lived by you as the owner of your destiny. You can corner your market from a place of empowerment and highly focused energy. Rediscover your passion and begin building a strong, vibrant and happier life with tools and techniques to get you from where you are to the life you were born to live!

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Agents of Change Do Not Just Happen; They Are Made

There is a voice in the universe calling out to you. It speaks to the tapestry from which you have been woven. It is the brand made in the fire. You are about to discover your true essence. The life you were born to live from the inside out. This life is not built from magic stones or wishing wells. It is the very core of who you are. This is the purpose driven life celebrating Divine consciousness. It is what gives you your fingerprints.

Intentional faith, Intentional work; it is all the same. Faith without works is dead and your faith will be the catalyst for the change you have always wanted.  It speaks to those who understand pain, and who know despair all to well. It is the message of the sages, the hidden mysteries of the ages. It is Kingdom living on earth. This show will reawaken you to what you have been born to discover. Our truths are not based on our experiences; it is based on our coming of age in true awareness of all that we have living within us.

DrFaye is Co-host Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Pleasure

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I have counseled children and their families on solutions to everyday problems. I have stood inside of battered women shelters, and have recognized that demon of hopelessness upon their faces. I have walked the halls and set in classrooms at George Washington Elementary School In Philadelphia to teach classes, Console the Parents of Special Needs Children, and to find the sought-after answers in beauacratic policy.

I was blessed to be born in America, a land where there is still a very strong sense of rights and wrongs.  A place where my voice can be heard, and even when people do not agree with what I say, I know it is okay, because this is how we are. I enjoy speaking, writing and the work I do as a Talk Show Host. What I enjoy the most is meeting new people, discovering new things, and unmasking hidden treasures within myself I somehow knew were there, but did not know I had the key. I trust you will come with me on this journey of discovery as we unveil more of the wealth within each of us. Together we can incite a riot against ignorance and indifference and motivate massive change.

I look forward to knowing you.

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