Recently as a country we’ve been subjected to an outbreak of outrage over the treatment of illegal aliens – YES ILLEGAL ALIENS – that have been detained trying to cross into the United States from Mexico, all illegally instead of through an official Port of Entry.  

We’ve watched as members of the news media have visibly broken down emotionally on camera before their viewing audiences – which may number in the dozens of networks like CNN and MSNBC, while they wail and protest over the treatment of illegal detainees.

What specifically has brought on this epidemic of mass manufactured outrage? It’s all about the children of illegal aliens being separated from their parents once the parents – or other unrelated adult companions have been arrested and detained for breaking our laws. It’s become quite the spectacle.

We’ve watched as members of Congress have pontificated on national television, tearing at our heart strings by conjuring up visions of poor innocent children being ripped from the arms of their parents, all under the personal direction of President Donald Trump.

Yes it’s a tragedy that children are being used in such a way. What I mean by that is they are being used as pawns by the Democrat Party and their willing accomplices in the news media and Hollywood, all to bring discredit and outrage once more against President Trump. Through all the ‘Crocodile Tears’ I have yet to see a single member of Congress, the Senate, or any of their co-conspirators volunteer to take in a single family of illegal aliens captured at the border. They seem to be much more of the ‘NIMBY’ – Not in My Back Yard persuasion.

It truly is remarkable when one thinks about it. Members of law enforcement on the front lines protecting our country against a tide of illegal immigration are once again made out to be the ‘boogey man’. President Trump is vilified, as is his daughter Ivanka for posting photos of her child, and the First Lady Melania as well all ridiculed. And all because Democrats are so desperate to find something that sticks when they throw it against a wall. Everything they’ve tried so far hasn’t.

It has actually become rather comical. Democrats leaping in front of television cameras in order to rail against President Trump about immigration, when back in 2009 they controlled the House, the Senate with a sixty vote majority, and the White House for two years and did absolutely nothing to address our broken immigration system.

It is hard for me to accept the manufactured outrage we are now seeing coming from the Democrats since they apparently weren’t outraged back in 2009-2010. Nor during the entire eight years of the Obama presidency when the same enforcement rules were taking place with illegal aliens and children on our Southwest Border.

My granddaughter has a phrase for it. Drama Queens. That’s what the Democrat Party and most in the new media have become. Actors with their manufactured outrage playing to an ever diminishing audience.