The challenges are many in 2020 and beyond. We have to ask ourselves the question, who is best to bring America through this chapter of uncertainty? As we are seeing the destruction of our great American cities⏤there is one thing they have in common⏤local leadership. The governor, mayor, city council, to the Representatives and Senators that should have the best interest of the people.

Washington DC is more than broken, it is in a state of panic. At a time when the federal government is spending unprecedented amounts of money to deal with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Gallup finds Americans’ ideology on economic issues has consistently tilted more conservative than liberal. Currently, 39% of U.S. adults say their views on economic issues are conservative or very conservative, 21% are economically liberal or very liberal, and 38% are moderate.

Electing the right leaders to get the job done is paramount. There is no room for error. More than ever, America needs patriotic, passionate and steadfast leadership that will govern from the front. Please meet Dr. Rich McCormick, Running for Congress GA-District- 7. Rich is a Republican, Christian, GOP, Decorated US Marine, ER, MD.

Decorated Marine.
Emergency Room Doctor.
Political Outsider.

From serving as a Marine Corps pilot to saving lives as an Emergency Room Doctor, Rich has always been ALL IN on any challenge he’s ever faced. Now he’s going ALL IN to be our next Congressman so he can fix our healthcare crisis, keep our nation and community safe, and grow economic opportunity for all.

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