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There is a huge private company, USG. The company has a CEO and a board of directors, shareholders, and millions of customers. The company has been very successful over many years, and develops products and services that the public needs and likes and they stay on the cutting edge in their business ventures. Over the last 10-20 years, this strong company is showing huge cracks in its ranks, within the board of directors and to the detriment of its shareholders and customers.

Take care of the shareholders!

The board has become very divided with so much infighting that nothing is getting developed that keeps this powerhouse company moving forward. One faction wants to move forward with one line of products and services, and the other faction wants a completely different line of products and services. The shareholders are also divided and although at times the shareholders use their votes to vote in or out those that obstruct or favor their wishes for the future direction of the company, the forward momentum of this behemoth company is at a standstill. The board no longer listens to the customers nor the shareholders. It is so dysfunctional that nothing gets done, and no one wins, least of all the customers and shareholders. The corporate culture has become one of petty backstabbing, mistrust, dishonesty, and win at any cost, without regard for the people they serve who buy their products and services, with no future goal save the obstruction of the opposing views. No products are getting into the market. Red tape is blocking the delivery of the services their customers clamor for and society is suffering, while the board spends all of their time throwing barbs at the board members with different views, obstructing forward movement which would benefit those that actually pay them and actually use the services, and the shareholders who have made their wishes known. The foundation is crumbling, the dike is about to break, but the dysfunction in the company management is so deeply rooted and so stubbornly defended, the people they are here to serve are suffering and angry and they cannot even see it.

Picture this scenario in any large private company. We would not have all of the wonderful technology products, or medical breakthroughs, or communications systems, or the marvels in building and construction, food production, manufacturing and so many more everyday products we take for granted. They came about by consensus and direction and moving forward to achieve a goal to benefit people. It was people working for people to make things better, more efficient, healthier, cleaner, more profitable, an so many other possible reasons, but always for the people.

USG is not really a private company of course. It is our U.S. Government. The board of directors is our Senators and Congress people. Their lack of customer service to all of us, the shareholders and customers of the “company” is abhorrent. Their partisan politics prevents any forward movement to actually get the jobs done we have hired them to do. We the people voted for the direction we want this country to go in. But we are ignored in favor of petty partisan obstructionism and childish verbal barbs being tossed around, along with outright lies. The job of a private corporation is to serve its clients and shareholders by having great products and services, which translates to sales and profits to the shareholders, regardless of the politics of the people on the board or the shareholders and customers.

The board is expected to work for all shareholders and customers, not a faction of them. Our Senators and Congressmen have completely forgotten that once they are elected, they serve ALL of the people in their district and really all of the people in the country. Serving the people should be their only goal, all of the people. The words that come out of the mouths of Pelosi and Schumer, for example, are so opposite to moving us all forward, so dishonest, so vindictive that they have no place in our government and serve no one.

You elected officials are where you are to serve us, the people, no matter our political bent. The process to get into office is one of political partisanship, but once you are there, serve us all. Run your jobs like a company that needs to make a profit and answer to the shareholders and stop your petty obstructionism and get this country moving forward in the direction that we, the people, the shareholders, the customers have dictated. We don’t work for you, you work for us. You are there to meet our needs, not your own. My guess is that a good number of you can’t even balance your own checkbook, no longer even drive a car, and live in a bubble that is far from the reality that most of the people you serve live and work in every day.

I challenge you to do what we hired you to do. Work with the CEO we have put in place and the directives we gave you last November and get this country on the right track. To the CEO, President Trump, get in there and bring these sides together or go around them, use your bully pulpit, but get this train on the tracks. To those in the minority, get rid of the hate talk and stop holding up the forward movement of our country and all of our futures for your own self-serving, sore loser attitudes, and that goes to all political persuasions. The world should see us as the greatest country on earth, a world leader, not a bunch of whiney potty mouths so mired in their own muck they fail to accomplish anything. Serve us, the people, as you were put in your position to do. It’s not about you, it’s about all of us, and it’s about time each and every one of you takes that position very seriously so that we can remain at the top of our game, the world leaders with respect, and take care of our people and our futures. We spoke with the election, now do what you have been asked to do by your fellow Americans.

One last note, every bit of this applies to all politicians, in state and local governments as well, most of whom are just as partisan and dysfunctional as the federal government. I think I can speak for many people who run successful businesses that it is frustrating and painful to watch and bear the consequences of the narrow minded and ridiculous infighting to the detriment of the good people of the cities, counties and states of America. Look to real businesses for the way forward, emulate what works to prosper in business and apply the ways to work together toward a goal to the benefit of the United States of America.

If USG was a company, it would fail. The shareholders would lose everything. Think about it.

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