I wouldn’t throw down with POTUS Trump if I was Iran. It’s not “if” we get you; it’s “when” we get you Iranian general and international terrorist Soleimani learned recently after he was blown to shreds by a U.S. drone. POTUS Trump means what he says when he draws a red line in the sand. The impeachment of POTUS Trump has been a boon for the GOP who reports a 300% increase in anti-impeachment donations in 2019. Where are we going in 2020 with impeachment? It’s anyone’s guess. DrRon & Linda also talk about the rising crime rate in SF and California as a whole; a liberal Alameda County Judge allows squatters to live in a $500K home and CA public schools can no longer suspend students for open defiance of a teacher. Listen in to the Common Sense Conservative Couple from Texas discuss the news of the day over coffee.

Image: Susan Walsh/AP

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