Donald Trump, Michael Moore & the CURSE of Balaam

Dear Americans –

I always start by telling the audience that I am an Iraqi in exile who loves America more than many Americans simply because I had endured a dictatorship under Saddam Hussain and what freedom is under the US Constitution.

I was watching the leftist Michael Moore explaining to Americans what his anti-Trump film was all about. He made the most articulate, insightful, extremely intelligent explanation WHY so many tens of millions of Americans have been so incredibly energized by Donald Trump. I have absolutely no doubt no other person in the USA could have done a better elocution.

When he finished, I instantly remembered the Balaam story in the Bible. For millions of you who have not read the Bible, let me enlighten you. You can find the whole story in Numbers 22-24.

In summation: Balak, king of Moab, the enemy of the Israelites requested that the soothsayer Balaam ben (son of) Beor to pronounce a curse against Israel.

The God of Israel would not allow this and hence Balaam recited the following~

Numbers 24: “Those who Bless you (Israel) are Blessed and those who Curse you are Cursed” 

Michael Moore was intending to CURSE Donald Trump but he inadvertently actually BLESSED him with the eloquence of his narration.

Michael Moore pressed the point during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” while he implored Clinton voters to get out and vote.

“I know a lot of people in Michigan who are going to vote for Trump,” the Michigan native told the hosts. “Not because they necessarily agree with him but they see him as the human Molotov cocktail that they get to throw into the system that has ruined their lives and get to blow that system up. Very much in the same attitude of the Brexit of industrial England.”

Those Americans who are still undecided or are thinking of voting for Hillary, I must point out to you that this election is the most important in the last 100 years. It will determine the Rise or Fall of the Republic depending on whether Trump or Hillary wins.

In a nutshell, this election is to Do or Die and I advise every single supporter of Donald Trump NOT to believe anything from the biased and deceitful media. Each and everyone of you must go and VOTE even if there is a snow storm.

Always keep in mind when you go to the booth and before putting your X that Donald Trump, with all his faults is not the cause of the utter failures of US foreign policies, health, education, racial divisions and injustices under Obama and Hillary.

Trump did not sign on Obamacare.

Trump did not sign the most dastardly and one sided deal with terrorist soon to be nuclear Iran whose Friday sermon after the mosque end with hundreds of thousand screaming “Death to America”.

Trump did not sign the industrially self destructive agreements with the Far East and Mexico.

Trump did not sell 20% of the Uranium of the USA to RUSSIA.

Hillary did

I can recite more but anyone with Two Brain Cells of logic cannot possibly vote for Hillary whom I call: The Whore of Babylon (Biblically speaking).

God bless you
God Bless America