The Democrats are calling the shots now, but the minds of Obama, Pelosi, AOC, Schumer, and the lesser apparatchiks of the Democrat Party like Comrade Joe and Camel what’s her name, have been so poisoned by the unmitigated success of businessman President Donald John Trump, that their irrational fear of him, even possibly rising from the grave, haunts their every move. They should be afraid. He’s not dead, and they only have a two-year window in which to complete their hope for the conversion of America into the totalitarian state they seek, even as they fearfully peek over their shoulders for the revenge that’s coming.

In their uncompromising fury at their failure to overthrow Trump over four years while he actually Made America Great Again making them look like the losers they are, their final gambit was actually to steal the election. In that, they succeeded for the moment. Theoretically, Trump is gone from power, but his aura of achievement haunts them, and they fear his second-coming.

Their next step, to neutralize Trumps’ base, has begun. To do so, the Democrats created a free speech issue into which some enthusiastic Trump supporters stumbled with the 06 Jan matter of entering the US Capitol Building unlawfully. But, I saw doors being opened by what appeared to be uniformed Capitol police officers waving protesters into the halls of Congress. Didn’t you? Did Nancy Pelosi arrange that? 

But like all nefarious schemes, their timing was off by over an hour. The Democrats own stormtroopers, BLM and Antifa’s in place to violently storm the building disguised with red MAGA hats and Trump signs, expected to ensnare Trump supporters into becoming the face of the new domestic terrorism definition. But, they started an hour before President Trump even made his speech. No matter; Pelosi screamed it was an insurrection and a coup attempt and seized the opportunity to demonize everyone who appeared in the Capitol surveillance cameras, anyone who denounced China Joe Biden’s election victory, and Trump supporters in general as “domestic Terrorists” and enemies of the state.

The FBI round-up of AI identified participants started in earnest as agents are now swarming out into American communities to either make arrests or frighten citizens into compliance to Democrats Maoist orthodoxy. 

With that business underway, and being trumpeted by their CNN – MSNBC propaganda arms as undisputed fact, the Democrats have started in on disenfranchising duly elected Republican politicians, especially those who made objections in the electoral confirmation process, calling them traitors, plotters, and enemies of the State, the State, of course, being the Democrat Party that temporarily holds the presidency and both houses of Congress. 

First up was Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, a great conservative Republican who clearly understood the election fraud and vote theft for what it was, the Democrats’ desperate attempts to create the impression that the stolen election was, in fact, fair and honest. Josh Hawley’s denial of it, therefore, makes him a certifiable kook to be dismissed. I can actually see Hawley as a potential Conservative Presidential Candidate one day, not that I’m all that keen on Senators becoming Presidents. Hasn’t worked yet.

The next target was the feisty and outspoke Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga-14), who, unlike the New York nut case AOC, et al., is not permitted to have opinions contrary to the Marxist’s edicts. The Democrats don’t like Republicans who fight, so MTG has to go. She was stripped from all her committee assignments, with eleven Republicans agreeing to the action.

The GOP leadership basically gave lip service to Rep. Greenes’ removal from those committees but they don’t know what storm they may have unleashed. “Free at last, free at last, Thank God, she’s free at last!”

Greene, no longer tethered to democrat run committees that are ruining American, now has free rein to organize opposition to the Democrats’ un-American policies among other conservative Republicans. I’ve luncheoned with her at least twice in her campaign for the Ga-14 seat, with a Georgia conservative campaign support group, and I know she’s an organizer as well as a fighter and pro-American conservative doer, as anyone can be.  

In contrast, we don’t hear protests to her ill-treatment from the GOP side, do we? Why is that? What are they afraid of? They don’t want to be tainted. If they object to her earlier opinions about lasers from space platforms starting western wildfires, etc., at least there seems to be enough tech evidence developed to ask questions. Remember, it is also alleged that a blue laser beam destroyed the AT&T facility in Nashville, Tennessee, just two months ago. While I’m not sold about lasers from space yet, unless the US Space Force is holding something back, that whole business of the explosion on a Nashville Street has disappeared completely from the news. Is something being hidden from us? If so, what and, more importantly, why? For the record, there are laser beam satellites up there now poised to take enemy satellites out if a war starts. Think China, Russia, Iran, and possibly North Korea. We have ’em too!

No one ever objects to the second most odious woman in Congress, Maxine Waters, when she told her followers to confront Trump supporters at restaurants, in stores, and anywhere you find them, get in their faces and make a scene. Wasn’t she fomenting insurrections? No one complained when the stupidest Congressman ever, Adam Schiff, lied about having positive evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia, when he didn’t; and no one complains when the third most odious woman in Congress, Shelia Jackson Lee, demands full background investigations plus an $800.00 fee for all gun owners new and existing. Why are they permitted to attempt to nullify the US Constitution without censure? 

The Democrats’ anti-Trump derangement will continue, either until they’re gone, or Trump is. Trump lives securely in their heads, and it is our duty as Conservatives and Trump supporters to keep the Trump Legacy alive, front and center, for the next four years.

One certain way to stay in their heads and keep ’em demented is for every Republican Party in every county and in every state in the union to celebrate Trump’s Presidential legacy loudly and ostentatiously every month with parties and demonstrations, speech-making, and a constant display of signs and banners proclaiming “Trump Won,” especially in June on the occasion of Trump’s Birthday. That should drive ’em crazy, and keep ’em there! It’s time to take the gloves off, don’t you think?

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!