Parents, listen up! If your child is as important to you as I think they are – then stop believing everything the health profession is telling, selling and prescribing to you and your kid – and arm yourself with knowledge. We are officially raising a society full of zombies – and not the intellectual type either. I'm talking the type that are so over-medicated that they have no creativity or innovation left in them – but they can rollover and bark when asked!

Okay perhaps you think I'm somewhat over-the-top with the last comment…? I don't think so. This is a multi-billion dollar money machine. The doctors, the pharmacies, the therapists, the hospitals, the entire flipping health care industry is ripping us off! And to make matters worse, they are destroying our kids in the process.

The total excess cost of ADHD in the US in 2000 was $31.6 billion. Of this total, $1.6 billion was for the treatment of patients, $12.1 billion was for all other health care costs of persons with ADHD, $14.2 billion was for all other health care costs of family members with ADHD, and $3.7 billion was for the work loss cost of adults with ADHD and adult family members of persons with ADHD.

We'll hit this topic head-on today on the show as Author Clarissa Star Crystal-Belle joins me so that we can help guide you in these difficult times.

Clarissa Star Crystal-BelleAuthor Clarissa Star Crystal-Belle, LMHC, takes on the toughest, neediest kids and families in her role as a therapist for troubled children. In this fascinating glimpse into real-life case studies, Crystal-Belle seeks to “awaken the reader to a new way of looking at this population and a more effective way to address their needs.” She is the Co-Founder, Qualified Supervisor and Clinical Director of the Star Point Counseling Center.

Crystal-Belle challenges the misuse of specific medications and behavior management techniques. She questions the practices of sentencing troubled kids to indefinite terms in special education.

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C. S. Belle, author of Therapy In Action with Troubled Kids