A week or so ago, I issued myself with a challenge. I wondered if I could come up with something insightful, something that might help others, every day for a year.

It’s not to promote my business, it’s not to gain likes or social adoration, it’s simply to share a life lesson that might be useful to other people.

Within moments of coming up with the concept, I felt fear. Inadequacy. I didn’t know enough for something like this. Who was I to create something of this magnitude.

Honestly, once I’d committed to something that seemed relatively simple, it felt HUGE!

Fearing I might back out, I did what any sane person would do. I hit Facebook and announced my challenge publicly, so there’d be no backing out.

The rules are simple: posts begin with the words “I have learned” and they all carry the #IHaveLearned hashtag. I’m also numbering them all to help me stay on track.

I’m realising that, actually, I know far more than I‘d acknowledged before – and I bet you do as well.

Each day, when the time comes to write my post, I just type the opening words, still my mind, connect to my heart, and allow the words to come.

Writing this, I’m only on the sixth day, and I’m learning a lot about myself in the process.

Here are my first few posts:

I have learned that if we give too much of our focus to one we fear holds bitterness for us, we become them.

#IHaveLearned 1/365

I have learned that no matter how much people want to leave the past behind, if we don’t deal with situations properly, or learn the lessons we need, the leftover business will stalk us, like a cloak we cannot remove.

It’s like trying to prepare a field for new growth and leaving the stubble in place from the last crop. Without properly tending that land, new growth is far more difficult and the toil far greater.

#IHaveLearned 2/365

I have learned that love transcends all, but doesn’t need to demolish perfectly good boundaries that might have been put in place for a reason.

No matter how much we might love people, we owe it to ourselves to hold onto our self-respect. We can all find compromise if we need to, but we must never compromise who we are.

We can stand our ground and love anyway – even if that means loving from afar.

Love yourself. Love your truth. Love your integrity. Keep those things whole, treasure them and hold them close. People who truly love you in return will respect your boundaries.

#IHaveLearned 3/365

I have learned that even the tough days are worth sticking around for. Sometimes, the times that feel most challenging bring the most transformational teachings.

I can look back with gratitude at every ‘low’ point in my life. Every moment brought me precisely to where I am now and some of the most beautiful life lessons unfolded precisely because everything felt so awful at the time.

We can focus on the dirt or the flowers. We can choose to bury our head or to dig for the teachings; I’d rather have dirt under my nails than covering my eyes and blinding me to possibilities.

#IHaveLearned 4/365

I have learned that, sometimes, all we need to do is be entirely honest with people for everything to fall into place.

Drop the false ego, the masks, the bravado and tell people what you really need and I’ve learned that the good ones will move mountains to make it happen or support the journey – sometimes they’ll even walk alongside.

Understand the difference, though, between something your heart and soul desires to progress and grow, and something flash your ego wants to see glinting in the sunlight, for no good reason.

There’s a line here.

This is the difference between humility and ‘have to have’.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting both, though people are usually happier to help you grow than gloat.

#IHaveLearned 5/365

Your turn
So, what about you? What have you learned?

Outside of all the ego, bravado and materialism, what has life taught you, and how might your life lessons positively inspire/motivate/heal others?

Go on… share some of that wisdom. Start your own #IHaveLearned daily challenge. Whoever – or whatever – we believe is up there keeping watch, I’m pretty sure being of service through our own experiences ticks the right box.

Until next time,