Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns for Episode Five as this past week’s unremarkable and toxic four-day Democratic National Convention comes to a close and as the pandemic and street violence continue to prove nationally disruptive. Malcolm and Michael tackle three pressing issues this week: The failure of Democrats to offer much detail to their radical policy proposals or inspire the nation in four consecutive days of prime time national coverage of their convention; a number of important questions that media should be presenting to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris–and, unsurprisingly, aren’t; and the revelation in recent weeks that several publicly-traded companies have made tens of millions of dollars in financial contributions to the violent, Marxist organization behind over two months of street violence that has now inflicted hundreds of millions of dollars in vandalistic damage to America’s cities.

DNC’s Negativity | Malcolm and Michael discuss this past week’s Democratic National Convention, concluding that its speakers appeared to consciously avoid discussing their radical and dangerous policy proposals in much detail and appeared also to seek to diminish the visibility of their presidential nominee, Joe Biden, whose 47-year career at the highest levels of American government appears both unremarkable and self-enriching. Additionally, Democrats appear conscious that Biden’s mental acuity likely is a major issue as it relates to his preparedness for the world’s most difficult job, which might have been a factor in not featuring him more prominently.

Instead of highlighting their nominee’s or describing their vision for America’s future in much detail, Democrats instead used the convention to point fingers at President Trump, wrongly assigning blame to him for the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China and for the street violence being condoned and even encouraged by Democratic mayors across the country. The good news for Trump’s reelection prospects is that the Democrats’ convention ended with Trump’s approval rate at 51 percent, according to Rasmussen polling, up several points from the weeks before. Additionally, while Biden leads in national polling, those who intend to vote for him continue to lack deep enthusiasm for his candidacy–and 59 percent of Americans believe that he is not likely to complete a full four-year presidential term, raising deep national concerns about his suitability for the world’s most difficult job.

Questions for Biden | Malcolm and Michael observe that the mainstream media are not pressing Biden on key questions that should be asked. Biden opposed Trump’s January 31 travel ban on China, for instance, which kept coronavirus-infected Chinese citizens out of the country. If not on January 31, when would Biden have enacted such a travel ban? Biden intends to raise $4 trillion in taxes on 80 percent of American citizens. How will raising taxes on American workers and leaving them with less disposable income create new jobs or raise wages? Biden essentially has no plan to secure our southern border, which means the number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. will likely grow considerably from its already burdening current levels of 11 million. Is there any point–30 million, 40 million, 50 million–at which Biden believes the number of illegal immigrants in the country poses a burden and risk? Biden’s first stab at healthcare reform during Obama’s term was largely deemed a colossal failure, resulting in millions of Americans losing their private insurance plans and offering a mandated public plan whose deductibles and premiums were cost prohibitive. Why should he be trusted again with Americans’ healthcare?

These and other questions should be presented to Biden, but mainstream media continues to employ double standards in their coverage of the presidential campaign, covering Trump in consistently critical ways and simultaneously covering Biden in ways that lack much-needed scrutiny and objectivity.

BLM’s Corporate Funding

It appears that the amount of damage inflicted on America’s cities by Black Lives Matter (BLM)-led riots, vandalism, arson, and theft will likely exceed $1 billion nationally. Several innocent civilians also have been killed in these riots. The burden of rebuilding from this damage will prove a lengthy and costly undertaking.

Outrageously, however, several publicly-traded companies, including Amazon, Microsoft, Airbnb, Deckers, DoorDash, Gatorade, Glossier, Nabisco, 23andMe, Unilver, and others have actually donated millions of dollars to BLM and show no sign of assuming financial responsibility for the extensive damage this organization has done to the country’s cities. Why would publicly-traded companies embrace a self-described Marxist organization that refuses to renounce the use of violence? Malcolm and Michael discuss why these companies should be renouncing BLM’s tactics and possibly assuming financial responsibility for the extensive damage it has caused.

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