The Golden State serial killer Joseph James DeAngelo was finally caught in 2018. In addition to the public relief at this predator’s capture, part of the notoriety of his arrest came from the method used to identify him. DeAngelo was arrested after being identified through forensic genealogy. Since that first landmark moment, dozens of violent offenders have been brought to justice using this technique and today, law enforcement is taking advantage of what may be the greatest tool for investigating violent crimes since the invention of fingerprinting.

Join us for this episode of Thread of Evidence, where Dr. Joni Johnston interviews a woman whose been right in the middle of solving these cases: internationally recognized DNA investigative expert and Chief Genetic Genealogist at Paragon Labs, Cece Moore. CeCe Moore, Chief Genetic Genealogist at Paragon NanoLabs, is an internationally recognized DNA investigative expert, educator and pioneer in the field of genetic genealogy. Starting in 2010, she began developing the now widely used genetic genealogy techniques that have become foundational and central aspects of the field.

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