Divorced Parents LISTEN UP 2

Quiet, withdrawn, nervous, shy, and an average ‘C’ student with no friends. Her parents had recently divorced. At just six years old, Aubriyah found herself in the fight of her young life.

Her father knew something was wrong – that Aubriyah was not acting like herself – but what was it?

Vernon Smith shares his story, how, he and his ex-wife came to the realization that changes were necessary in the way they communicated – if they were to be successful in transforming this young life.

The turning point was “When I seen my little girl cry,” said Vernon Smith.

Today at 10 she is highly social; talkative; won first place in her school for public speaking; she is on the A-B honor roll; outspoken and involved in sports. What turned this little girl around?

Today’s show is about how a divorced couple turning their troubled child into an ideal child by taking matters into their own hands and learning how to effectively co-parent – and now they have the results to show for it.

“You have to be able to put away why you got divorced in order to raise your child.” says Vernon Smith.

Advice to divorced parents: “It’s not about you,”  “You live for your kids and you die for yourself,” Vernon Smith.

“They (children) are looking for attention and if parents are not careful they will look for attention in all the wrong places,” says Vernon Smith

Vernon explains how they ignored all the advice they were receiving – advice that was sometimes well intentioned, but often misguided. They even turned a blind-eye to the advice coming from the state. Instead, they came up with their own plan. They took a potentially serious situation and turned it into something beautiful.

“When you turn things around … you’re showing your children that problems can be solved,” says Host Beverly Butler. Listen in, as Vernon breaks it down, so that they may in turn help other parents know that they too – can make a difference in a child’s life!