The Magic Kingdom took a couple of hard hits in the new year of 2020, despite the symbolism of perfect vision, no one saw these two things coming, the end of February resulted in the stepping down of Disney’s ultra-successful, CEO, Bob Iger, who is said to be the second most important person in the entire history of Disney World and Disneyland.

The second hit was the indefinite shut down of Disney World and all Disneyland theme parks just two weeks later in mid-March, due to the narrative of “Covid-19,” coincidence?

Although this now-former CEO, Bob Iger, will stay on with Disney till the end of his contract ending on December 31, 2021, the world awaits the reopening of Disney’s magical kingdoms to once again add sparkle to the eyes of those little ones who dare to dream.

The shutdown of Disney’s theme parks will tally up to the incredible loss of about 21 billion dollars going into the year of 2022 not only due to shutdowns but new social distancing laws that will affect the restaurants, retail stores, and ticket sales.

According to Senior Research Analyst, MoffettNathanson, they expect the theme park attendance will drop 50% through the end of 2020, with attendance picking back up to 75% in 2021, and up 90% in 2022. They fear discount ticket prices will harm earnings potential, even as attendance increases again, and it’s expected that Disney will offer discounts to regenerate business at theme parks. They also anticipate a downturn in the travel and hospitality industries and this means the Disney Parks will reflect the hit financially.

Parents from around the world save their hard-earned dollars for years in many cases, for the opportunity to take their family vacation to one of the world’s Disney theme parks.

In the hearts and minds of children, Walt Disney World is said to be the most enchanting and magical place on earth, poor Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and friends, are feeling a little slighted these days due to the Covid-19 health scare and economic tsunami that sucker-punched the Magic Kingdom right in the pocketbook.

As far as the re-opening of the Walt Disney theme parks in the U.S. and the world, the west coast, California’s far left blue state Gov. Gavin Newsome has his citizens on some measures of lockdown, stating Disneyland would be among the stage four operations and have a timeline of being indefinite.

While east coast, Florida’s red-state Gov. Ron De Santis has recently opened up its economic infrastructure, and life has resumed again with the hopeful timeframe of Disney World’s reopening by July 1st as it’s website is now taking reservations for Orlando, Resorts, hotels, and ticket bookings, it’s only safe to say it could take till 2021, before all the parks are open for business.

In Orlando Florida alone, over 93 million people a year, visit the parks within Walt Disney World alone, including Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

Florida’s fabulous Disney Springs dining and shopping area will start to reopen in phases on May 20th as the restaurants and retail industry will abide by “enhanced safety measures, including increased cleaning procedures, the use of appropriate face coverings by both cast members and guests, limited-contact guest services and additional safety training for cast members,” Matt Simon, vice president of Disney Springs, said.

Shanghai recently reopened it’s Disney restaurants and retail as well as Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and theme park, they are requiring all guest to undergo temperature screening, present a green Shanghai QR health code at dining venues and constantly wear a mask while “maintaining respectful social distances at all times.”

While Tokyo’s Disney Resort is hoping to reopen by June as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe extended his nationwide shutdown until the end of May. Upon an update from Tokyo’s Disneyland and DisneySea, said they postponed deciding a reopening date from mid-May until the government’s guidance has ended.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, of France, is one of the hardest-hit European nations, referencing Disneyland’s Paris theme park will “remain closed until further notice.”

Hong Kong’s Disneyland theme park remains closed yet it’s Disney’s Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre is open, all mass assembly’s include wearing masks, sanitizing, disinfecting, and limiting public gatherings to four people with a 5 feet social distancing.

Had Mr. Iger, with his deep ties to China and legendary timing, seen the coronavirus about to devastate his global realm? Did he get out just in time?

I guess we will all find out in the months and years ahead as over 8,000 corporate CEOs stepped down during the Trump administration and speculation many of them are tied to the 160,000+ indictments.

One thing we do know for sure, the number one crime in America and globally is the human trafficking of women and children, the president signed an executive order in place to punish those committing these heinous crimes and he set up sting operations to catch these depraved criminals.

We have witnessed thousands of arrests through the past three years of pedophiles, corporate figures, church leaders, Hollywood, and others involved with these sinister crimes, could Disney have been a contributing force and breeding grounds to these alleged activities?

After all, remember when illegals were trying to penetrate our American borders, thousands of the children were adorning Disney attire, these poor families were provided these garments and backpacks along with their cell phones by Corporate sponsors.

“COVID-19” has weaponized tyranny while wearing many costumes and masks at dress rehearsals of false flags and not so silent coups, leaving us all to question our own reality, shrouded by fantasy and illusions that separate fact from fiction, and the hidden monstrous mindsets behind them.

We will get our country back and so will the other 184 nations whose leaders work together with President Trump during this military operation under the narrative of “COVID-19”.

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