Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the dance floor, the Leftist Democrat sharks start trolling a story that 200 real life patriots are Colluding Russian Bots. While this is really a laugher, we must take it seriously and fight Fire with Fire. It’s deep and it’s well funded.

This is not the kind of Dancing that the late Patrick Swayze and His co-star Jennifer Grey, would romantically appreciate. 

This political dance is much more felonious and Dirty.

These disgraceful hacking thugs are hell bent on destroying our grassroots movement to actually clean up voter fraud, as we move closer to 2020. 

In typical Alinsky, Stalinist style, they take an issue, like voter fraud, which they themselves perpetrate every election cycle, and claim it’s the opposing side, committing the fraud and spreading misinformation. Since when can they be trusted?

But they took this to a new level of disgust by posting pictures of real patriots and “ effectively Doxxing” them across national and international media, as 200 people posing as Bots, to commit a conspiracy, to hurt the democrats in 2020. 

We will not fall for this trickery, but engage equally powerful Attorneys to get this libelous dirty doxxing out of the news, and stuff it back in their satanic shine box.

Spreading rumors that flesh and blood American Citizens are digital Bots, must be stopped. Those responsible must be called out and brought to answer for this slanderous poppycock. Our Dirty Dancing 200, dressed to the “nines” has just entered the dancehall, to a rousing applause.

Love RayRay..and a poem

Fight Fire with Fire

Let’s broadcast it loudly
That their words have no worth
That Demolition party of Leftists
All they want is scorched earth 

I’ve never seen in my lifetime
Such commitment to bust
Anything that he touches
That true Patriots trust

A bustling economy
A market that rocks
Jobs that were once lost
Now punching time clocks

They offer no solutions
Just pie in the sky
While his ratings are rising
Yet they scratch their heads why

Let them in on the secret
In such vivid detail
That all their delusions
Are destined to fail

Their leadership’s frazzled
They’re spinning their wheels
Propose tearing down buildings
States full of voltaic cell fields

They’re flailing, They’re wailing
They’re stuck in quicksand
The more that they fight us
So much deeper they’ll land  

Their platform’s so desperate
They’re the Party of “Nots”
Exposing 200 real Patriots
Insisting they’re Bots 

But it’s not gonna work
They should pack up their tent
I think I speak for us Patriots
They should go and get bent

Written by RayRay 2/27/19©️