Call it compassion in the face of stupidity. Some might even say, America’s political leaders are embracing the hearts of evil dictators. Senator Dianne Feinstein, has urged President Trump to reverse a plan to block an Iranian request to the International Monetary Fund for $5 billion in aid to fight the coronavirus crisis⏤saying it is in the U.S. national interest to accede to the request.

“I am disappointed to see reports that your administration intends to block Iran from receiving $5 billion in humanitarian aid from the IMF to combat the coronavirus pandemic,” Feinstein wrote in a letter to President Trump. “Providing these funds to Iran would help it respond more effectively to the disease and mitigate the risk of further destabilization in the region.”

The big problem with this insane request is Iranian “officials have a long history of diverting funds allocated for humanitarian goods into their own pockets and to their terrorist proxies,” explained the Trump administration.

Trump said this month that Iran has been “planning a sneak attack on U.S. troops and/or assets in Iraq” and warned the regime would pay a “very heavy price” if they attacked U.S. assets. Socialist Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden said that “it makes no sense, in a global health crisis, to compound that failure with cruelty by inhibiting access to needed humanitarian assistance. Whatever our profound differences with the Iranian government, we should support the Iranian people.”

This episode of The Voice of a Nation is not to be missed, as IQ al-Rassooli, joins Malcolm to expose the criminality of career politicians and crooked evil despots. IQ is an Iraqi exile, Arabic speaker, scholar and author, and a weekly columnist and political analyst here at America Out Loud. More on IQ can be found here.

You will want to read his brilliant Op-ed on the subject: Muslim Clergy Mislead their Followers to their Doom.

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