I thoroughly enjoy vloggers Diamond and Silk. Just heard that Facebook is censoring them on Facebook, and they were told their “content and brand” is “unsafe to the community.” Really? I am no huge fan of Facebook. But these ladies are truly talented, knowledgeable and hilarious. This is but one more WAG THE DOG from the left and the media, in an attempt to have us hear only what they want us to hear to manipulate the outcome of upcoming elections.

How is it within reason to brand them as unsafe when Facebook allows rapes to be shown live on Facebook, and murderers to give graphic details of their crimes on Facebook. This happened just yesterday by some sick young man who murdered his mother and friend in cold blood and mused about the whole event on Facebook. Last week Facebook allowed a video of a girlfriend shooting her boyfriend in the head with a gun to be posted on their site.

I just pulled up some random left-wing celebrities’ Facebook postings and found them to be filled with hateful vitriol towards the other side. I am supposing here that this is apparently OK. So when Whoopi Goldberg tells “jokes” on Facebook in which our President dies, that is appropriate; but when Diamond and Silk support our President without wishing death upon anyone; without bad language, but with facts; their posts are apparently “unsafe” to the community.

I read Nancy Pelosi’s FB site and it is replete with untruths. Jimmy Kimmel’s makes fun of Jesus and is offensive to Christians; but is apparently safe for the community. Actor Robert DE Niro spews hatred toward our President but that video remains firmly in place on Facebook.

It is un–American for any media to selectively manipulate what the subscriber and audience sees; unless it is indeed dangerous, incites riots, shows or glorifies homicide or harm to others. Diamond and Silk are so much fun, articulate, know their subject matter and obviously read and study to stay informed. We need to again speak with our consumer wallets and voices and say that blocking them is not OK. Right now it’s Diamond and Silk being blocked; but anyone of who support our President and his agenda are next. 

It is abundantly clear that Facebook is actively promoting one political agenda over another to sway political outcome. That is a dangerous and wrong form of Hitleresque propaganda. That is what fascist and communist dictator countries do; not America. This is a slippery slope to censor the free speech of your political opponents and we should not allow it to begin. 

My two suggestions are these. First: wire, call, email Facebook and let them know how you feel about this censorship and hit them in their wallet.

Next: Google Diamond and Silk and ENJOY! They are on You Tube and so many places. You just can’t help but smile and laugh out loud.