Imagine radical Democrat Anthony Fauci dresses for his role in a way no one sees. He’s dressed in blue, a radical Democrat through and through. His joy in life is to associate with other radical Democrats, politicians and celebrities.

For example, according to leaked emails, he does love Hillary Clinton.

And some assume he has a hidden hatred against President Trump for that reason.

If politics is the actual goal, maybe it’s time to stop pretending that Anthony Fauci is acting like a real medical doctor. Or at least a doctor who knows how to help and save people.

In the very few years in the 1980s he treated patients, all of them died. All of them. Yes, they had AIDS, but Fauci has had 40 years to come up with a vaccine for AIDS. In that time he pushed over $2 billion to himself and his friends in the vaccine industry with the results of… nothing. No AIDS vaccine yet.

And what about the Hippocratic Oath, to do no harm? In the present pandemic, the world shines the light on his horrific policies. Including the war against Hydroxychloroquine.

In addition to numerous Democrat politicians and celebrities, another friend in the Democrat fold is Bill Gates. Bill Gates has an empire, a vaccine empire. Billions of dollars of income every year, often paid for by generous grants from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of Anthony Fauci and his colleagues in other CDC divisions over which he has power.

Most recently, Fauci apparently helped secure the Gates mostly owned company, Moderna, more taxpayer money. Specifically $482 million in development grants for the Moderna Vaccine, which had already been developed.

And then an order for 100 million doses of this vaccine which uses a genetic rewrite technology never used or tested on humans before.

Animal safety testing for Moderna has been completely passed over. A first in vaccine history. But hey, blue Fauci is cool with that.

In the first Moderna test, 45 “volunteers” the group receiving 250 micrograms, 20% had a CLASS THREE reaction, meaning they required hospitalization or emergency medical treatment after the first injection.

The dose for the second injection of this group was lowered for everyone to 100 micrograms, but even then with the second shot things were not good.

According to Moderna reports, a horrific 80% of the participants had a significant side effect. These ranged from excruciating pain in the arm where the injection was administered, to fever, chills and other strong side effects.

Yet even with 80% suffering, little Anthony managed to secure an order of 100 million doses. The cost to the American taxpayer is not known, but most probably over $1 billion.

It’s the Devil’s bargain according to some experts. Perhaps $1.5 billion, in exchange for deceiving the government, possibly leading to 40 million Americans (80% of 40 million Americans) being harmed. Perhaps not.

Moderna comes from a 10 year old company that has failed to ever get a therapeutic medicine or vaccine drug approved for use.

Its technology is that of an RNA vaccine. RNA is what writes the human genome, what writes our DNA.

Reportedly the RNA in this vaccine will change human DNA. The results will be unknown and we have already seen some in the safety trial. Yet in Fauci’s government vaccine empire, Moderna progresses forward toward use. With kind comments from Fauci along the way.


The two have collaborated on vaccine development and use before. This being mostly in developing countries.

For example, with a polio vaccine, they managed to cripple or kill 600,000 (yes 600,000 children in India). Yet Fauci moves ahead as if nothing happened.

Let’s imagine that some have stated off the record… Fauci might work to maneuver the president to try the apparently safety unproven Moderna vaccine.

It is public knowledge that even with 80% strong side effects, yet Fauci pushed the vaccine forward in his insidious way, saying the study results were good.

Does Dr Blue have the president in mind as a recipient of a vaccine that will rewrite the president’s DNA? With unknown consequences? No one knows.


Imagine, a hidden Democrat radical, in the night’s middle, dons his secret garment.

Political mobilization is the only choice now to fight back against blue evil.

(Note:  No one in this article is said to have committed a crime. In the United States, all citizens are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law. This article is historical and educational and a voyage in the imagination. It is not medical advice an any way, shape, or form. For medical advice, each person must discuss health matters with their doctor.) 

The amazingly fine song “Devil With The Blue Dress On” is by Mitch Ryder and broadcast by WITF.

Dr Joel Holmes is an engineer working in alternative energy, cyber security, and since 2009 in electrochemistry to reduce the economic damage of pandemics.