In-depth on Hacking our Enemies, Allies and U.S. Citizens

One man’s whistleblower is another man’s traitor. The Trump administration has made fiery accusations suggesting that the Trump campaign was subjected to targeted wiretapping during the election and that sensitive information is being systematically leaked to sabotage the new administration and undermine its agenda. In this podcast, we discuss the role whistleblowing, intel leaks, and hacks play in the current political arena and the difference between how these hacks and leaks are viewed through a security lens and a political lens.

Host Brian Gould, Retired Master Sergeant Special Forces: Brian Gould is a retired Special Forces Master Sergeant with over 20 years of service. MSG Gould served in the Infantry and then the US Special Forces to include the Commanders In-Extremist Force in Europe. During his military career, MSG Gould was engaged in the Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and African theaters as part of U.S. ongoing missions and military operations.

Amanda Weir is a partner in Applied Solutions Consulting, LLC, (ASC) a Florida based company providing consulting services to government and private industry clients. Ms. Weir is an adjunct professor at St. Leo University in Florida, who has taught Introduction to Law, Criminal Procedure, and Legal Issues in Counterterrorism. Ms. Weir researched and developed non-kinetic courses of action for Yemen and the Levant as a civilian contractor at SOCCENT.

Ms. Weir is a member of the California Bar and the New York Bar. Ms. Weir holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Buffalo, a Master of Arts in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Buffalo.