With America’s presidential and Congressional election now a mere 57 days away and the country largely perceived to be at a historical crossroads, Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns with a dynamic and hugely insightful Episode Seven. Malcolm and Michael assess in detail the thesis that the nation’s far left, including leadership of the Democratic Party, are executing a sophisticated and risky political strategy, including politicizing both the management of the coronavirus pandemic and consciously permitting deadly and costly anarchy to reign in several large Democratic-run cities–all to create a political optic that they hope will prove politically damaging to President Trump’s reelection prospects on November 3.

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Democrats’ Election Posturing | Malcolm and Michael assess recent comments by a senior Democratic political consultant, aired on Axios on HBO, predicting that the November 3 presidential election will not be settled for weeks or even months and that early indications of a win by President Trump will ultimately prove deceptive as mail-in ballots ultimately put Biden over the top. They discuss in detail the extensive history of voter fraud in the nation, especially with mail-in ballots, and why this November’s election, with a historically unprecedented number of mail-in ballots, presents an unprecedented risk for potentially vast fraud. Voter identification requirements and interstate voter registration crosscheck programs would solve many of the issues with voter fraud, so why are Democrats adamantly opposing them? Malcolm and Michael also dive into the revelations by a Bernie Sanders-supporting Democratic political consultant who anonymously told The New York Post how widespread and sophisticated the Democrats voter fraud initiatives have become and how Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, already appear to be working very irresponsibly to convince Americans to reject election results should Trump be reelected.

Violent Rhetoric Paved the Ground for Real Street Violence | Malcolm and Michael describe the significant irresponsibility of public officials and public figures who, for four years now, have encouraged and justified far left violence. They air a series of comments, dating back to 2017, by Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Madonna, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi that seem to encourage or condone such violence. The Marxist-led street riots that began the end of May, Malcolm and Michael contend, have been inspired by higher powers, including well-funded and violent Marxist organizations and irresponsible language by prominent political, media and entertainment figures whose violent rhetoric appears to have validated the real life street violence, which has taken over 15 lives and inflicted roughly $1 billion in damage to commercial, residential, and city property as it enters its fourth consecutive month.

Democratic-run Cities are Self-Destructing | In their third segment of Episode 7, Malcom and Michael discuss what now appear to be at least four cities, New York City, Portland, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., that are largely in full blown anarchy with Democratic mayors refusing to police the streets of these respective cities and largely condoning costly vandalism and arson. They discuss what Trump and the federal government can and cannot do legally to address this crisis, and conclude that Trump’s effort to cut federal funding to cities refusing to enforce the rule of law is one of the few logical opportunities available to the federal government. Meanwhile, the anarchy in these cities is destroying the economies of these cities and incentivizing further and sometimes deadly violence. In New York City, for instance, a decision by Mayor Bill de Blasio to cut $1 billion from NYPD’s $6 billion budget has led to vast increases in city shootings and further hampered New York City law enforcement in their already challenging effort to maintain peace and the rule of law in America’s largest city. Image: AP

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