Unless the peoples of Europe and America (not the clueless leaders) rise up imminently, and elect patriotic leaders, the future of our children and grandchildren, will be bleaker than the abyss. In less than 30 years, there will be NO European culture or civilization left, since under Sharia, all their cathedrals, institutions, museums, arts and anything associated with Christianity will be destroyed as Muslims have been doing and continue to do, for the last 1400 years.

For over twelve years, I have been reporting to Americans and Europeans through radio interviews, with my websites and by my published articles, regarding the existential threat posed by Islam and Muslims, not only to Europeans and Americans, but also to all 80% of current humanity, that is not Muslim. Because what I have been revealing about Muhammad’s Quran and Muhammad’s Sunna (traditions about Muhammad), are so devastating, that many readers cannot internalise and or comprehend how dangerous the Cult of Muhammad (Islam) is, to non-Muslim/ Kuffar/ Infidels.

I have recently researched the issue of Islam in a quantitative, easy to comprehend manner, based on Demographics, statistical studies of Human Populations. Not a single mainstream news-media outlet, either in the USA or in Europe, has ever brought any of the information revealed in this article, to the attention of the American and European peoples, although all the proofs herein, have been available for decades.

Let me share with you the following basic FACTS regarding birth rates, and the survival of any indigenous society:

1 / In order for any ethnic culture to maintain itself for more than 25 years (at least one generation), the minimum required Fertility Rate has to be 2.11 children per family. Anything less than 2.11, the culture will most assuredly, slowly but inevitably, decline into final oblivion.

2 / Based on the historical records, no native culture was ever able to go back by itself, at 1.9 children per family.

3 / At 1.3 Fertility Rate, it is Impossible for any culture to reverse and or recover, because it would take 80 to 100 years to correct itself, and there is no economic model that can sustain a culture during such a long period of time.

The reason is as follows: If two different parents, each has one child (one boy and one girl), then there are half as many children as parents. If these children would also have only one child, then there will be one quarter grandchildren as grandparents.

4/ For example, if 1,000,000 babies are born in 2024, it is hard to have 2,000,000 adults in the workforce in 2046. Hence, as the population shrinks, so does the culture.

5 / The following fertility rates in 2017, and are beyond Shocking:

France 1.9; Germany 1.57; UK 1.74; Italy 1.34; Spain 1.2; Denmark 1.77; Ireland 1.77; (European Union as a whole 1.59); Canada 1.6; USA 1.74; Russia 1.3. These figures doom these nations to extinction, unless they receive immigrants from other nations.

6 / All the above countries, have been able to maintain the growth of their declining indigenous populations, through immigration. The tragedy is the fact, that a great percentage of these immigrants, are coming from Muslim countries, who cannot, do not and will not assimilate among the host peoples.

For the last 40 years, Muslims who arrived in Europe (first as Guest Workers but later were made Citizens), have not fully assimilated nor properly integrated with the host peoples. On the contrary, Muslims created Sharia compliant enclaves, where neither the police, nor Ambulances or Fire Brigades, can dare to enter.

7 / The fertility rate of Muslims range, from Five to Seven Times those of Europeans or Americans. By the year 2050, it is projected that the whole of Europe, including Russia, will become Islamic. These cultures will cease to exist.

8 / All over Western Europe, while churches are closing down, mosques are replacing them and in some cities, there are more mosques than churches.

9 / In France for example, 33% of all children below the age of 20, are Muslims, not French.

10 / In the Netherlands, over 50% of new born are Muslims. The same in Belgium.

11 / The EU estimates, that by the year 2025, 33% of all children born, will be from Muslim families.

12 / The now deceased dictator of Libya, Muammar al Qaddafi, very accurately, and based entirely on pure logic, predicted in 2006: “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.” How right he was.

13 / Canada and the USA are suffering exactly the same declines in populations, and are very stupidly bringing in as immigrants, Muslims – who are the Mortal and Eternal Enemies of all non-Muslims – instead of bringing immigrants, from more deserving peoples/ nations (there are at least 130 other non-Muslim nations to pick from), who would become productive and loyal citizens in the future.

14 / It is extremely relevant to point out, how one sided the issues of Islam and Muslims are, regarding why Islam is the fastest growing religion, besides their enormous birth rates:

A) Muslims are allowed to build mosques in Western countries BUT they forbid the building of churches in theirs.

B) They are allowed to ‘evangelise’ in the West but Christians are again forbidden (upon pain of death) from converting Muslims to Christianity.

C) Any Muslim who converts out of Islam is murdered for apostasy.

D) Muslims are literally allowed, to use our liberal justice system to undermine us with it.

15 / Other items that are rarely addressed – but are very important for the reasons that Islam is the fastest increasing religion – are the facts that:

E) Muslim men can marry up to four wives and many would have at least four children per wife.

F) What is utterly insane, is the reality, that many of the European governments (and even in the USA), are allowing Islamic Polygamy, that they prohibit upon others.

The most persecuted religious group in the 21st century are Christians by Muslims, who are relentlessly murdering and or persecuting them in Africa and Asia, without a single Christian country, or even the UN, attempting to stop this systematic genocide. The silence of the world’s Christian clergy, is both shocking and deafening.

16 / Muslims demand their Sharia rights in our democracies, while they deny any rights to all minorities in their countries. Muslims therefore exhibit, the vilest degrees, of duplicity, hypocrisy and mendacity, when dealing with non-Muslims/Kuffar.

 17 / In 2005 in Chicago, a meeting of 24 Islamic organizations was held. The concluding report of that meeting was a crystal clear script to ‘Evangelise’ America through Education in schools and universities, Politics, Propaganda, Academia, Journalism, and other means. They were projecting that in 30 years, there would be 50 million Muslims in the USA. This is what Muslims call “Stealth Jihad”, the slow but unyielding systematic subversion of the American People.

18 / Already, there are more Muslims on the planet than Catholics and in a very few years, Muslims will surpass in numbers, all of the Christian denominations combined.

Tragically for Catholics and Christianity, the delusional and ill-informed Pope Francis, is more interested and concerned about the ‘welfare’ of Muslims, than his own flock. He wants Trump to lift up the sanctions against the Ayatollahs who have recently been threatening US naval ships in the Gulf of Hurmuz, and a few days ago put a military satellite into space.

19 / In the meantime, all over the Muslim world, from Turkey to Indonesia and from Morocco to South Africa, Muslims first celebrated the Corona Pandemic as Allah’s revenge for the alleged mistreatment of Muslims by non-Muslims, with their clergy claiming from their pulpits, that Muslims should NOT fear Corona since their god Allah will protect them.

They then changed their mind, when Muslims fell under the deadly virus, to concoct the most deranged and hateful Conspiracy Theories, against Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews, to explain away the total failures of all Muslim nations facing this Pandemic.

20 / Dear readers, it is impossible, and I repeat impossible, for any Sharia compliant Muslim – based entirely upon their holy scripture – to be BOTH, Good Muslims and Loyal citizens among non-Muslims/ Kuffar/ Infidels.

Therefore, based upon all the above, unless the peoples of Europe and the Americas (not the clueless leaders) rise up imminently, and elect patriotic leaders, the future of our children and grandchildren, will be bleaker than the abyss.

In less than 30 years, there will be NO European culture or civilization left, since under Sharia, all their cathedrals, institutions, museums, arts and anything associated with Christianity will be destroyed as Muslims have been doing and continue to do, for the last 1400 years.

Catastrophically, every single Western leader is blinded by Political Correctness – or the irrational fear of being called a Racist – that prohibits any of them, from having the backbone, the integrity, or even the loyalty, for his/her people, to stand up and say, that based upon their Sharia compliance, “Muslims, should never again be allowed to Immigrate into our countries, just as we Infidels/ Kuffar are never allowed into theirs”