The American Bolsheviks today, disguising themselves as the Democratic Party, are embarking on the same exact path as their Russian predecessors and mentors. They are promising not to raise taxes on folks making “less than $400,000 a year”, but they will raise taxes of every kind, not just taxes on income, on every single American who is not a multimillionaire by many multiples as soon as they take power. They promise not to outlaw fracking and other energy producing technologies, but they will do much more than that; they will obliterate the American oil and gas sector because they want to obliterate the people who work in it and who depend on it for the same reasons that the Russian Bolsheviks obliterated the Russian peasantry.

But what about the brakes upon such big lies, you may ask. What about the “read my lips” moment? Wouldn’t the Democrats, if they pursue policies in direct contradiction to their pre-election promises, be politically wiped out in the next election cycle?

There are two answers to this question. First, remember the Obama example. Obama and his cronies weaponized their lies about Obamacare, specifically with the notorious “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” whopper and they paid a heavy price in the midterm congressional election. But because Obama, as he well knew, had no real opponents among the American elites, he was handily reelected to pursue the same policies of transforming America from a Constitutional Republic to a Bolshevik hellhole.

Simply put, the Obamas, the Romneys, the McCains and the Paul Ryans, far from being on different sides of the American political spectrum, were exactly on the same side.

Neither McCain in 2008, not Romney in 2012 had the slightest intention of winning the presidency, as we now well understand. The situation is no different now. Outside of President Trump, no politician in America represents the opposition to the globalist Bolshevik movement of the tech oligarchical elites. Thus any lie, no matter how big, is harmless to the Bolsheviks as long as it accomplishes its goal of evicting Donald Trump from the White House.

America has not had a real election from 1992 when Bill Clinton won the presidency and until 2016 when Trump defeated Hillary. During this near quarter century, America was ruled by globalist elites, elites that were slowly revealing more and more of their real, totalitarian, communist, Bolshevik, Nazi nature. Trump’s victory, coming on the shoulders of fewer than one hundred thousand blue collar workers in places like Western Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, put the Bolshevik takeover of America on a bit of a hold, though the Bolsheviks, through the Russia hoax and their control of all of America’s institutions, managed to stop Trump from significantly reversing their agenda in most cases.

The only goal that the Bolsheviks (Democrats) have now is to defeat Trump because once they do, they will regain their complete stranglehold on power in America, a stranglehold they will be careful to never relinquish again.

Trump’s loss would mean the end of America as a republic and its reemergence as a totalitarian entity controlled by a power-obsessed oligarchy in the mold of the USSR and of China.

This is why the Democrats are placing no limits on their weaponized lying. If it works, America will never have a real election again and they will have consolidated their power over it forever. If it fails, the Democratic Party will cease to exist and Trump will be joined by all of the current fence sitters among the American elites in dismantling the quarter century old mechanisms of Bolshevik control.

It’s important to remember that all politicians lie of course. And there is nothing really wrong with that because their fibs, their misrepresentations of their own and their opponents’ records, and the lies they tell about what they intend to do if elected paint a composite picture that forms the foundation upon which voters base their decisions on whom to vote for and against. The other reason that “normal” run of the mill lying by politicians is OK is that blatant lying about their future intentions is likely to end their political careers. While it may win them THIS election, it will likely lose them the next one.

A great case in point was that George Herbert Walker Bush’s infamous “read my lips” moment. Perhaps Mr. Bush meant it when he promised “no new taxes”, but when he believed that his defeat of Saddam Hussein in Kuwait had bought him enough popularity to break his pledge, he went ahead and broke it. As it happened, this betrayal of his promise to his voter base coupled with the independent run by Ross Perot and the charismatic and as of yet unsoiled Democratic challenger by the name of Bill Clinton was enough to deny a highly popular president his second term in office.

But then there is a whole different category of lies. These are lies that are weaponized to a strategically focused level. These lies are to “normal” lies what a laser beam is to normal light. Whereas normal light is non-coherent, i.e. consists of multiplicity of wavelengths and phases, a laser beam consists of substantially a single wavelength (color) and forces all of the waves into perfect cohesion. This allows the laser beam to become orders of magnitude more efficient at delivering electromagnetic energy in the visible spectrum across large distances with minimal losses along the way. 

Weaponized strategic lying is not of the sort wherein a politician “hopes” to abide by his promises, but later changes his mind. Quite on the contrary, weaponized lying is done with the full foreknowledge by the liars that they intend to do the exact opposite of what they promise to do. 

This type of lying was likely pioneered in modern times by the Russian Bolsheviks. After their rather surprising success in overthrowing the provisional government in October of 1917, the Bolsheviks were faced with a civil war the fate of which would be decided by the peasants occupying the enormous hinterlands of the Russian Empire. No army, neither the White nor the Red could survive a long campaign in the field without being fed by the peasants, or at the very least without being harassed by them partisan fashion. To the Bolsheviks’ credit and the White leaders’ shame, it was the Reds who recognized this fact first. But they had a problem. The Russian peasantry was highly traditional and religious, hardly the material from which the militantly atheist Bolsheviks would be building their cadres of support. In fact, reading the many writings of Lenin and other Bolshevik leaders, one can quickly discern their hatred for the peasant class and their plans to utterly destroy it as a condition for the success of their revolution.

The main lesson that the Bolsheviks drew from the failure of the French revolution to “fundamentally transform” France (to borrow a phrase from the globalist Bolshevik and former American president Barack Hussein Obama), was that the French revolutionaries, upon seizing power, limited their bloody terror to the nobility, the intellectuals, and the upper classes, not bothering to expand it to the “petite bourgeoisie” and the peasantry. Whereas the French zealots guillotined thousands, they should have guillotined hundreds of thousands, the Russian Bolsheviks believed. They would not be repeating this mistake.

But for now, in the winter of 1918, the Reds needed the peasants’ support or at the very least neutrality, or they would be wiped out by the Whites. So the Bolsheviks sent out thousands of trained agitators and propagandists to fan out across the vast Russian countryside, visit every hamlet and every village with the same weaponized Grand Lie. The lie was simply this: that the Bolsheviks, should they win the civil war and consolidate their power, would grant the peasants the lands that they held in leasehold from the time that serfdom had been abolished in Russia six decades ago, as a freehold. The Bolsheviks promised the Russian peasants an upgrade of their property rights when they themselves thought that private ownership of productive property and specifically real estate was an original sin and needed to be abolished in its entirety. To close the deal, the Bolsheviks offered the peasants a little sweetener. While the transference of full rights to their lands was a thing of the future, they offered them the protection necessary to loot the country estates of their erstwhile feudal lords right then and there. That family from the beautiful mansion up on the hill that the peasants had known and in some cases loved their entire lives suddenly became a nest of blood sucking ticks, worthy of nothing but fiery destruction. The basest human emotions of bloodthirst and lust for revenge were expertly stoked. Wine cellars were looted, priceless works of art burned together with the houses in which they had hung for many generations.

The peasants, enough of them at any rate, bought into the Bolsheviks’ big lie. They supplied the Red Army with provisions, while at the same time denying them to the Whites. 

In exchange for their support, the Bolsheviks, upon consolidating their power, confiscated all the lands, farm equipment, and livestock from the same peasants who had made their victory possible. They forced them into collective farms known as “kolkhoz” and embarked upon a campaign of confiscation, always at gunpoint, of any and all seeds and animals to feed the army and the factory workers. The resulting famine nearly wiped out the Russian peasant class, which was the exact outcome the Bolsheviks were striving for.

For the Democrats and for the American Republic alike this election is the one. It is, for both of these diametrically opposed entities, the moment of truth, the singular event that will determine whether they live or die. If you love the Republic, vote Trump; this is the last chance you will ever have to pay her back for all that she has given you.