One has to seriously wonder how demented or acutely unaware is the criminal, China Joe Biden when he stands before the nation as our imposter president-elect and says: “President Trump is not above the Law” demanding that Nancy Pelosi institute Impeachment proceedings against him because he exposed their orchestrated chaos at the DC Trump rally and other crimes. 

Evidence abounds, films, and interviews alike, that the event was pre-planned to be violent. Why were injurious devices like bricks, rocks, and bottles, intended for use as weapons by Antifa and BLM intruders disguised as Trump Supporters, pre-positioned long before conservative rally goers even arrived? 

The shameless Democrats have abandoned all pretext of fairness, comity, or goodwill in our governing process. They have spent years corrupting the election process through intimidation, accommodation with the CCP, bribery of local officials, and even deaths to make sure they never, ever lose an election again. They have injected pure Marxism into America’s mainstream.

The issue now is, what are victimized Americans going to do about it? A scribbled note left on Speaker Pelosi’s desk points the way. “We’ll never back down!

Here’s what we’re facing:

The Marxists want Trump’s presidency damaged by either a 25th amendment action or impeachment so he can’t run again, ever. Trump has too much on ’em, and they’re desperate.

Comparisons are often made between Trump and Hitler. That’ll never work because it’s the Democrats who have the National Socialist Program for America, led not by a cunning, devious Hitler, but a complete criminal nincompoop who will soon assume the presidency as a Chinese agent of influence imposter. AOC and others have called for “concentration camps” for dissenting voices to the imposter, China Joe Biden. Of course, it didn’t apply to dissenter to President Trump, did it? From now on, dissenting views will not be tolerated. 

Biden and the Democrats have stated that anyone not supporting him and the Democrat Party should have their property and assets seized as unpatriotic by the government. They are contemplating making the old Sedition Act actually work. Our 4th amendment rights and everything we’ve worked, fought, and died for over the decades will disappear.

We’re under censorship! In an upgrade to their system, Apple effectively disabled the Emergency Broadcast Network on their iPhones, preventing President Trump from addressing the nation on that network. Saul Alinsky told us about this in his Rules for Radicals playbook. Other changes we should be aware of is trusting Wiki. It has already started rewriting history. Some Wiki pages have been re-written to reflect the current narrative of the Marxist Democrats to change history as it develops to reflect their current view.

The Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, said it: “Control the Narrative.” Alarmingly, we are being confronted with the active censoring of news sources by Big Tech who are actively participating with the CCP in moving America into the Leftists New World Order. 

Trump was warned that Big Tech would control his re-election to gain power and favor with the Democrats and that maybe he should rescind Section 230 that protects them from the consequences of their nefarious actions. If criminal Joe is installed, it will be too late!

Americans are facing a changed America that will never come back unless “We never back down!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em.

Image: AP