If we listen to the Leftist media, the propaganda arm of the Communist Party USA (Democrats), we could almost accept that a second America revolution is underway instead of a second Civil War. It makes no difference what we call it, there may soon be blood on the streets. It already has with ambush attacks on our police. Trump has drawn the Left out into the disinfecting  sunshine of truth so, we now know who they are. Their can be no more pretense, no more hiding their intent, no more vacillating behind the warning words of Establishment politicians.

The new revolutionary narrative is: America’s prosperity was founded by white European people on the backs of black African people and therefore white people are the incarnation of pure evil and the source of the world’s woes and they (we) have to go. But pay reparations first! 

These revolutionary morons, mostly white Liberals turned street hoodlums, appearing fearful in their black hoodies and face masks, have turned to the theater of street violence like Hitlers Brown Shirts did in Germany so long ago. They get away with it because nobody stopped ’em at the outset on the pretense that they were “peaceful protests” when they weren’t! 

They can”t stop now because the “cat is out of the bag” but, they have no idea who they’re dealing with, with the now aroused but silent and armed majority looking for a solution. Instead of a mass popular revolution, a soviet style class struggle they think they’re having, they’re going to walk into a meat grinder. As a matter of fact most of them have already been identified, their movement infiltrated and their systems of communication recorded. It’s only for the legitimate authorities now to bring the story to a quick close. If not, brace for a real struggle. 

The popular screed now is defund or make redundant police departments everywhere. That would be a sword that cuts both ways. Who’s to stop the silent majority from protecting their homes, neighborhoods cities and towns enmasse, when the defunded police are not there to end it? They may even be unwilling to put themselves between the fascist morons in black hoodies and the vigilantes confronting them? 

Antifa’s, including BLM, is the Democrats version of Germany’s National Socialism Brown Shirts. They do not dabble in truth of Antifa’s violence if they can’t gain power by it. Their modes and actions are designed to exert the political power of their group over ours. We are the other group. In 2016, Donald Trump arrived to alter the trajectory of Socialism and a Communist America.

Media commentators today don’t see themselves ethically bound to tell the truth because they are part of the power machine. Even if the truth slips out accidentally, they will communicate their own version of what they want us to hear⏤Mao said: “Power comes out of the barrel of a gun.” 

Today, we use word power but Democrats don’t believe in our right to freedom of speech since to them, all speech is designed to exert power, for them, and our allegedly constitutional right to free speech is in the way of their agenda. Therefore, for them to induce fear right now, deniable street violence is the easiest tactic available to accomplish it. 

The tools they use, bats, pre-positioned rocks, bricks and gasoline will inevitably turn to guns. When that happens, all bets are off. It should be a short fight. They’re surrounded by armed Americans able and now willing to defend themselves. The truth is, the Establishment power elites will try to stop us too. Lenin said it, the best way to confront an opposing group is to lead it yourself.

The fight’s coming so we must be prepared. It could be short, but, be prepared!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go sic ’em!

Image: Portland, Oregon AP