What you see going on in Washington, DC, right now in preparation for the ‘peaceful transfer of power’ with armed troops is all about optics and perception. This is part of the Democrat-Left strategy devised between Pelosi, Schumer, Mayor Bowser, and their far-left strategists of the Democrat Party.

The objective is simple yet has multiple sub-objectives. Strategically, they are trying to give the impression that this is all this because of President Donald Trump. Their efforts are to make it look, from a safety and security standpoint that Trump and MAGA caused the situation in Washington, DC to deteriorate.

The objective is to make the optics and perception appear dangerous, that DC is about to be under attack, again. Create a false narrative that Trump will not relinquish the office of the Presidency. Make people believe that Washington, DC, and the country is under seize.

They want people to feel helpless, scared, anxious, overwhelmed and threatened because of President Trump and his faux orchestration of an insurrection.

I’ve been saying this for what seems like forever — the LEFT wants to present the optics and perception that Trump is trying to overthrow the Federal government. To justify that narrative, they created a precarious situation on the ground, and in the minds of Americans that the environment is not safe.

They reversed engineered, so to speak, Trump’s signing of an Executive Order to execute the Insurrection Act. Because of that,⏤they are attempting to suggest he would actually use it as an “insurrection attempt” or coup against America.

This, of course, is all projectionism — it’s all bullshit. Why?

It is actually the Democrat Communist LEFT that is now positioning the use of the National Guard for the purpose of cordoning off the city, enforcing lockdowns, and have even imposed an ROE with shoot to kill orders.

This has the semblance of imposing Martial Law, hence creating a police state under the guise of justifying the safety and security of citizens.

The narrative has been written, and now, unfortunately, everyone is buying it.

Remember, Obama constantly talked about having an internal (to the U.S.), civilian or internal force on par with the U.S. Military. The purpose was to keep people in line. Not a police force, but what most Socialist, Communist, and many third countries establish. An armed forces of special internal control forces. The NG will be the new consolidated federalized forces of state’s NGs, like the Soviet MVD Internal Troops, SOBR, and the OMON and other “internal military units” in the former Communist Soviet Union.